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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Connect to the internet with 3G phone as modem

I have been using the Smart communications to connect through the net using my N70 at home. Since I don't have any internet connection, it has become of help to me to set-up this connection since it puts away the hassle of going to internet shops just to send and read mails, update my multiply account and friendster. For only P10/half hour, you can have an internet connection at the comfort of your home. I have a laptop and I can connect through the net whenever I needed it. Also, it's prepaid so, you can control your usage. And the speed is 460 kbps, which is decent enough. I haven't tried this with Globe.

What you will need:

1. Smart buddy SIM with at least 30 pesos load.
2. Smart GPRS activated 3G Nokia phone (to activate type SET GPRS "phone model"(e.g. N70) and send to 211, you will receive configuration msg and follow it and set it as default)
3. Laptop or PC
4. USB cable to connect your phone to your laptop or PC
5. Installed Nokia PC Suite for your phone version in your laptop or PC


1. Make sure your phone is in dual mode. If not, go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Network>Network Mode.
2. Connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable and run the Nokia PC suite. There are times that once you plug it, the PC Suite automatically start-up.
3. Click "CONNECT TO THE INTERNET" icon on the PC suite menu. Then a window will open and you will see the following process running:

"Opening port"

"Verifying username and password"


Once connected, you can start surfing the net.

If there's a connection error, it will either be you haven't activated your GPRS properly or you run out of load.

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