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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Movie: Wanted

Wanted movie is a bit too much fictional. I watched it with a slight to no interest mood. The only part I got excited with is when (actor) started his training and the part when he revenge for his father's death and kill all those involved in the brotherhood (the climax). Angelina's role here is not for a supporting role or for a lead actress role. She didn't act most of the time, just stand there and be included in the scene. I was disappointed to see this film. Though the sounds are really awakening because they are loud and thrilling, I still can't put myself deeper into it for it seems like I am watching a Filipino movie in which I can understand it by just watching and not mind what they are saying. But I like the concept. I got curious if it is proven already or just a theory. Is there really a disorder like that? Can too much adrenaline pumping in our body make us do the impossible? It's really interesting to make a study about this.


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