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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Browse the Net through Your Cellphone

With OPERA MINI 4.2, you can now surf the net faster! Not only that, you can go to a wide variety of websites and toggle views in mobile mode, computer mode and landscape format. View the internet as if you are using the computer. It has built-in cursor-like feature to browse a page but no right-click function. When you disable mobile view, you can view the whole page as seen in the computer and magnify the part in which you want to click. It also allows java scripts, but they don't animate. You can make downloads but uploading files is not yet available. You can also stream online videos from youtube. So, replace your old phone browser now!

I use it to update friendster, multiply, blogger and the forums i am involved. I haven't tried to attach documents though in using my web mail. The speed is fair enough for my mobile. It is an 8 out of 10 deal, good enough for a mobile browser.

To download, click the button with Opera Title at the left sidebar.

There's a technique on which you can use this for free! (Smart Philippines only)You have to create a new Access Point (like the Smart GPRS and SmartInternet). Rename this New Access Point as Smart opera. Then input the following values:
APN: internet
Go to the Advance Settings (press Options for Nokia) and enter
Port: 8088
Hit ok and run your opera mini using the profile you created above. Application installation requires P10 Load. To let Opera mini access your files, go to Application Manager>Opera Mini 4.2 (Options)>Suite settings>Edit user data>Ask everytime.

Alternate proxies in case it won't work:
Proxy: at port 8081

All proxies are credited to den of esato forum.

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  2. .....everyday nagsesend ng .......you do not have sufficient balance ang ...2474.....kainis kinakain netong 2474 ang load ko,almost everyday ako nagpapaload.....ngayon tuloy takot nako magpaload grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!pano ba idisconnect ang 2474 nato(sigh)


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