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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cat Stevens: on biography

Let me share what i learned from his biography.
He was such a person who strove hard to define his purpose. He was a famous pop singer yet he believed that his celebrity status is leading him to nowhere. After he suffered tuberculosis, he began his search for answers. It was also during those times that he started to write books and novel. His life made a sudden turn when he got hold of a book that reflects the kind of life he has and the life he wanted in the future. He researched on topics like spirituality and living. He learned to read the KORAN in Arabic language and turned his back from his career. He professed his faith to be a Muslim. He changed his name to Yussuf Islam, wed his wife and taught his kids the ways of being a Muslim. He built the first Muslim school in UK using his own money. He auctioned his instruments and gave the proceeds to charity. With his popularity, he became the spokesperson for the Muslim community when war broke in Bosnia. He returned to his singing career after his 15 years of abandonment. His songs now depicts life and the music was different from before. He was such a person who searched and found what he had been looking. I am truly inspired on how he made a significant life out of his lifetime.

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