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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who is Marky Cielo?

When I heard the news about his passing, his name is just a name for me. (ok,now you hate me, i am just telling the honest truth). I stared at the moving image of him on the news yet I can't seem to remember him. I had watched portions of Asero before but still no click from my brain. Who is he, then?

He died, inspired and brought pride to people but i don't know the person even as a celebrity. He surely made it to the news when he won 'the ultimate male survivor' and the first and only 'Sole Survivor' title. Maybe i was so eat up with my studies that time and TV viewing had been out of my system. Never heard and never seen. The news of his sudden death had made so many people disappoInted. He had potentials and talents to make it to stardom (he is in the process anyway, the Guillermo Mendoza Award had seen it).

After the news was aired, i made a research on what it is like to be Marky Cielo. Wikipedia had presented detailed facts about his life. His family status, the time before he became a celebrity, filmography and the last hours before his death (makes me wonder why he used internet cafe if he can have wifi in his house, he won 10M right?) He was tagged in articles as the first celebrity with indigeneous descent. Is he proud to be named that way? For those who are also not aware of his existence in the showbiz industry, they will also remember him as That first celebrity who died young, goes with the name of Rico Yan and Mico Sotto. That's all. But for those who had traced and been in his progress in the industry, marky cielo is a good friend, dancer and all the good things you can say to sympathize with the dead. That's the way life is. You died, your death made it to the news, lots of people came into your wake, your life ended. The sad truth is in time,it will be great if generations can still remember your name.

Everytime i heard his name in the news, i don't know why i always have the feeling that tears are forming in my eyes. He was a stranger to me but i am aware of the feelings when someone died unexpectedly. You can't accept it and continue to live as if he is still there. You can only deal with it once you become lonely and acknowledge the feeling of being left behind. They say time will heal the wound. As for my experience, you can neglect it but never forget. Every time you remember, the feeling rushes back.

For the man who earned different titles during the short span of living. May the world will remember you in different ways.

Check out the rumors behind his death in my post Marky Cielo (Ditto).

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  1. hoy... baguhin mo yang third paragraph mo... hinde pa po patay si MICO SAMSON..!!! si mico SOTTO yung patay na!!! grabe ka, wala lang sa showbiz si mico SAMSON, pero pinatay mo na!!

  2. ^thanks for the observation. Changed.


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