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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Made it to Top One in Google's Search Results

I am a newbie blogger and still grasping the jargons of this new world. The SEO, html, java, ad placements, monetizing, index and many more have become part of my reading routines last Holiday. This post is kind of late now because my story happened during the Christmas week.

I started using the Google Webmaster Tools only last December for I was so focused on the designs (which I think still needs improvement). When I started using it, the only data available to me are the subscribers and the Top queries because Google haven’t been able to index this site. And on that Christmas week, I was surprised to see that two of my posts were hitting the top spot at Google while others are at number 2. How come?

As for my site status, i-Share is still a baby and its backlinks are about a hundred as well as the traffic each day. Most of my listed backlinks are from FEEDJIT and from STERNDAL’s blog. I was only able to exchange backlinks with the blogs found at my blogroll and only submitted my url to 15 blog directories.

Based from what I read from other people’s suggestions on increasing the SEO, they said that SEO depends on how many backlinks you have. The more there is, the greater chance of being included in the top 10 search results. Then, how did I made it?

I also checked my site’s Page Rank and it says 3! Weeee! Before, I was always given the NO DATA notice; that’s why I still don’t have the button. But now, I have the chance to include it on the widgets. On the other had, people are commenting that Page Rank is not an accurate measure for the SEO because it is only updated after long time intervals. That Google has a different algorithm to base the everyday results of their search engines. As a matter of fact, at the start of 2009, there had been changes on the Page Rank computation from Google and this had caused a drop to some site’s PR. While many people believe on backlinks, others theorized that SEO doesn’t solely depend on it; they are suggesting that there other factors such as the content which is affecting the result. Maybe that’s the side where I had weighed the most (naks!).

Now, ten of my posts are still on the top 10 while others are not showing on the results. Feedjit was able to give me hints on what people are searching so I constantly update the post to suit wider viewers. Still my traffic is at low but what’s important for me is the fact that people had reached i-Share through Googling. That’s the very reason I am now a blogger.

Update: i-Share is now appearing in Yahoo Search results! Yahoo!!

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