April. Summer Treat! Updated Barbara Cartland collection with new set of books.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Barbara Cartland E-books Collection (English Version)

This collection is intended for those looking for the English version of the historical romance novel writer, Barbara Cartland. The file is in .zip format (to ensure minimal file size). Just unzip it in your computer, tablet or cellphone. The ebook format is in .doc or .pdf. NEW! Now in epub format (navigate at the bottom of the post).

Note to readers: You can request the ebooks for the formats that will suit your gadget such as mobi, epub or txt (use the comment form below). Just indicate the title of the book and the formats you like it to be.

If you have problem downloading, this tutorial will guide you. The ebooks are absolutely FREE.

Updated: April 9, 2014

Stolen Halo
The Dragon and the Pearl
The Judgement of Love
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks part1

Cupid Rides Pillion
The Heart Triumphant
Download Barbara Cartland Ebooks Part2

A Hazard of Hearts
A Serpent of Satan
A Very Unusual Wife
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 3

Frame of Dreams
Kiss the Moonlight
Love is the Enemy
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 4

Love, Lords and Lady Birds
The Husband Hunters
The Naked Battle
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 5

The Odious Duke
The Wicked Marquis
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 6

The Passion and the Flower
The Sheik
The Magnificent Marriage
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 7

A Castle of Dreams
A Dangerous Disguise
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 8

Battle of the Brains
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 9

Call of the Heart
Love and the LoathsomseLeopard
Love Become Theirs
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 10

Love Drives In
Love in the Highlands
Lucky Logan Finds Love
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 11

The Cross of Love
The Mysterious Maid Servant
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 12

The Proud Princess
The Ship of Love
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 13

A Night of Gaiety
A Duke in Danger
Secret Harbour
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 14

Free From Fear
Love in the East
Bored Bridegroom
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 15

An Angel Runs Away
Fragrant Flower
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 16 in DOC
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 16 in PDF

Ola and the Sea Wolf
Penniless Peer
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 17 in DOC
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 17 in PDF

The Saint and the Sinner
Temptation of Torilla
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 18 in DOC
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 18 in PDF

Duke Daredevil
Pure and Untouched
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 19 in PDF

A Flight to Heaven Download
A Bride to the King Download
King Without a Heart Download

EPUB Format Collection
A Flight to Heaven
An Angel Runs Away

Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 1 in epub

An Introduction to the Eternal Collection (Jubilee ed)
    A Ghost in Monte Carlo

    Elizabethan Lover
    The Little Pretender
    A Duel of Hearts
Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 2 in epub

Bride to the King
Call of the Heart

Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 3 in epub

Fragrant Flower
Love and the Loathsome Leopard

Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 4 in epub

Lucky Logan Finds Love
Ola and the Sea Wolf

Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 5 in epub

Secret Harbour
The Mysterious Maid-servant

Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 6 in epub

The Penniless Peer
The Saint and the Sinner
The Temptation of Torilla

Download Barbara Cartland ebooks Part 7 in epub

More to come...

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  1. yep im a bicolana din po.. from naga city cam sur

    see you around po!

  2. the e-snips link is broken.

  3. hi,
    The e-snips link is broken,kindly do something about it.I so dont like sites with broken link


  4. hi, the link is broken.


  6. is there any other links??? :(

  7. Hi,

    Sorry , but the link is broken

  8. the link is broken :(

  9. some Barbara Cartland ebook here...


  10. I'm dying! I'm dying! Why? The link is broken!!!! Fix it!!! Please!!!!!!

    1. Links are working now. Please check again. thank you!

  11. The links are up now. thanks for pointing it out.

  12. Added new titles for Barbara Cartland ebooks!! Grab them now.

  13. I'm looking for "The Unknown Heart" by Barbara Cartland, can anyone please upload if you have this, thanks!


  14. hi, thank u for uploading these lovely books for us to download and read. please can you just leave it as pdf format without the hassle of dealing with unzipping the files?
    looking forward to more barbara cartland english books. cant wait

    1. Glad to be of service to you. I can do that in a gradual manner, as for now, my future uploads will be done in zipped and in individual pdf link to satisfy both who want to download in one batch and in by title. See the newly added titles.

  15. Added more titles today. June 10, 2013.

  16. please make a copy of these ebooks in e pub format.. please! thanks!

  17. can you find an ebook of her love in hiding in epub format? If you can or if someone knows where I can get a free copy please do tell.. thanks!

  18. Could you please re-upload the links? Thanks a lot!

  19. Thank you for all these wonderful ebooks. Please try to upload "Winged Magic", "The Blue Eyed Witch and "Love Locked In" by Barbara Cartland too.

  20. Sorry guys for the late replies. I had been working on reuploading the files since fileden updated their site and lost all my uploads.

  21. Updated the links.. Working now

  22. i am able to download from this site only "app.box.com"

    1. I've checked all the links and they are already working fine. Why can't you download from it, are you using proxy?

  23. Updated links and added some new books. PLease check. thanks!

  24. hello can you please upload "love in the dark" and "Riding in the Sky" thank you

  25. cannot open the link. its not getting downloaded

    1. I am using adf.ly links, you just have to wait 5 seconds then click "SKIP AD" then you will be redirected to the download page.

  26. Hi! thank you! thank you soo much! I'm so glad I found your blog! such rare finds! Barbara Cartland Novels are so refreshing in this age... I really appreciate your hard work of keeping up with your blog and making sure that your links are working... I will await for you next updates!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Please stay tuned for my updates as I am currently busy with final exams this March. April will be break so I can manage to update the books with the additions.

  27. Hi! Thank you very much!!! I thought i wont be able to read this again after i graduated from high school... These are really awesome :) i hope you'll soon upload 'the twists and turns of love', 'the golden illusion' and 'the angel and the devil' (i thnk thats the title?) hahaha i really miss those... Thanks again! I really appreciate this! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. I can only find the The Saint and the Sinner. I hope it is what you are looking for. I found no title of Angel and the Devil of Cartland.

  28. Hi Euan,

    thanks for sharing such wonderful books, I'm a huge fan of Dame Cartland. Unfortunately many british kids have chosen to read works of other authors and sadly her lovely pieces are not quite adored as much as they should be. That said, you are doing a great job and keep it up!1 I seem to be having some issues downloading the books and would appreciate your help.

    Many thanks,


    1. Yes, I am grateful that you appreciate the ebooks.
      Please check this tutorial for downloading:

  29. Hi,
    thanks for sharing...Kindly keep uploading more of barbara cartland's wonderful works...Could u plz upload 'the disgraceful duke' and 'pure and untouched' as well?

    1. ALready uploaded. Please check above for links. Thanks also.

  30. Added new ebooks. Part 16-18 is now available in pdf and doc format.

    1. Hi! Just want to say that there must have been some mistake with one of the titles of Part 18... One is The King Without a Heart...Please verify... Thanks!

    2. Um... That is Part 18 of the PDF format... Thanks

    3. Thanks for the report. Already fixed it. You can download the correct one now.

  31. May i request for "The Ghost who Fell In Love"?

  32. May I request "Sailing to love" ? Thanks

  33. Pls. Something is wrong with the link in ebooks Part 15, when you download it, Part 14 is what you get . . .


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