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Thursday, March 5, 2009

House Season 5 on AXN

House Season 5 will air every Monday on AXN starting March 9, 2009. Even I had watched the eight episodes already, I will surely wait every Monday at 10 pm for this show. I once told myself that I will not watch any of the Season 5’s episode until it is over because the Hameron shipping is already out of the story, but I can’t resist the temptation when my sister brought home a pirated DVD of the latest season.

Some Spoilers:
Wilson tried to convince himself that he doesn’t want to be in the Princeton Plainsborough anymore because the place reminds him of Amber. He quitted the job but thanks to Wilson-House bonding (after House’s father funeral), he had come into his senses. Wilson drugged House just to let him come to his father’s funeral and House tried ways to get out but he failed. It will be revealed that House and Wilson met in a bar and House bailed him out of jail because he threw liquor bottle to the person singing in the videoke and missed it thus breaking the bar’s window. The event repeated when House confronted Wilson and Wilson got so angry and he threw a bottle of wine to House and missed again. They are still the good part of this show (Welcome to couple's counseling!)

There is a new character, the Private Investigator Lucas (Michael Weston), who will be present for almost three to four episodes. He likes Cuddy and he is tracking House’s employees, Wilson and Cuddy. House will find out about Taub’s wife’s separate bank account (she wanted to buy him a car that’s why). The P.I. found nothing exciting on Foreman’s life besides his history of picking locks and Foreman is bothered with it (it makes him a boring person). Actually, I don’t like the presence of the P.I. guy on the show.

Cuddy is adopting a baby since her tries to have one did not occur. She shops for the baby’s things together with Wilson and he is also the one who is recommending her for the approval of the adoption. But the donor mother changed her decision after having her baby but Cuddy will still have one. Cuddy and House kissed but they didn’t go to bed. Cuddy will temporarily move to House's office.

I don’t know if House is in love with Cuddy but it seems he does though he won’t admit it because of the existing policy on co-workers romances (oh, my hope for Hameron is slimming).

Thirteen is having sex with women she doesn’t know. One patient had sex with her just to let House diagnose her illness. She will have a relationship with Foreman and her Huntington's disease will be under clinical trials.

Cameron will have a case. She and Chase will clear out the issue between them. Cameron will move on from her husband’s memories and she will let Chase have his belongings in her apartment (it's the issue).

There’s nothing new with Kutner, still the fun guy.

I am working on the episode recaps, just wait.

Pics taken from AXN-ASIA.COM

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