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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Win32 virus?

My Aunt’s laptop got infected with virus on which the name remains unknown to me. Somebody suggested to me that it is the Win32 virus and it is currently hitting the internet shops in my province.

Here are the symptoms:
1.When the computer loads, the taskbar and desktop icons are nowhere to be seen. Only the wallpaper and the mouse cursor appear.

2.Right-click is disabled but I can open the task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL. I can make new tasks and run the program from the NEW TASK button. But when I run the explorer.exe, a message will appear that the execution of this task will harm my computer and the action is restricted. But after few minutes of ignoring the message and accessing the explorer.exe, the taskbar will now reveal along with the desktop icons.

3.I cannot use the internet and the security settings are not accessible, they cannot be clicked and the areas are grayed.

4.When you access the task manager processes, you will find Explorer.EXE or EXPLORER.EXE, SVCHOST.EXE, they are all in CAPS except for a few.

I wasn’t able to resolve this issue. I booted through the XP CD already. After repairing the system, it will load normally but after restart, the problem is back.

The solution I had done is to back up the files and install a fresh XP.

The virus is so difficult and I wasn’t able to know where the problem is coming from. I searched the net but the solutions are not effective. If you got any suggestions on this matter, use the comment form.

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  1. ei, bro try 2 use trojan remover its a freeware over the internet u can install it 2 ur flash drive... to scan...

    try also malwarebytes... search for torrent for full version...

    hope it helps...

  2. re win32 virus:

    i encountered it months ago, try installing a nod 32 antivirus, make sure you uninstall your previous antivirus software.

    it may do the trick


  3. ^ah. thanks for the suggestions.


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