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Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Call from Globe Mobile Chat (for only 15 Pesos)

My sister was able to teach me how we can call each other free forever (huh?). But really, it's absolutely free to call but it needs registration and some amount from your wallet. Importantly, it requires BOTH party to register and should have to maintain a balance of 7.50 in their account.

15 pesos load (from your phone and from the one whom you want to have free call 4ever. So, technically, it's 30 pesos all.
Think of a unique name for both of you

Here's how (Should be done on both cellphone numbers, two to tango):
1. The two of you need to register by texting REG URUNIQUENAME to 2323. Example: REG AENID. P2.50/text sent.
2. After you receive a message, text CALL ON to 2323.
3. A message will then appear in your inbox, never mind that and then text CALL YOURFRIENDREGNAME to 2323. In this part, you should know the unique name of your friend, bf/gf, parents, etc. A virtual number of your friend will be sent to you and you have to use this number whenever you have to call him/her. Your friend will also receive your virtual number and he also has to use it to call you.

You will spend 7.50 throughout the whole process and the remaining 7.50 in your account will be your maintaining balance to be able to make calls. Each call is not charge that's why we call it free and more to it, with no expiration.

Remember both of you must register to make this free call possible. All calls are cut every 5 mins.

Credits to my younger sis for the info.

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  1. Hi,
    tried this and unfortunately it doesn't work that way. yes, you are charged for the registration etc, but once you try calling, you will be charged 5/min.

  2. Ah, yes, the info bout 5/min is included in the registration txt. But never mind that, my sis is making calls with 35 load and NOT a cent is deducted. She said, the higher the maintaining balance the longer the calls. She called thrice today (with the 35 load) and our calls lasted for 7 mins at most, so the 5 mins is not standard. Maybe u should try with the 7.50 maintaining and see if u can make free calls. Disregard the 5php/min info and drop by here for the feedback. Btw, getting into the network requires patience.

  3. does it still works.?


  4. It still does. But when try whe u have at most 10php load.

  5. what if mag zero ung balance mo, and medyo matagal before makapgload ka ule..will it still work?

  6. What's your Virtual number? :)

  7. none yet..i just wanted to make sure of the details before i check it out..

  8. Pag nagzero, keri lang na matagal ka ulit magload. Permanent naman un virtual numbers e.

  9. ah..nku il definitely do this para i dont have to wait til 11 pm makapag unli call lng..ay one last question,ok nman ang connection nia pag tatawag na?

  10. U will need patience. Usually 4-7 attempts before u can connect. Pareho lang nun unyt.

  11. cge2..tnx a lot..=)

  12. bakit kun nag send ang 2323 ng tones ubos ang lod u habang tumatawag ka?ik pa naman nun ngaun bakit lagi ng cos kun tumatawag ako

  13. paano ba block ung kakainin nya ung lod ko kun tatawag?basra mag send ng message ang 2323 ng tones cos na ko? ilang beses na nauubos lod ko?kainis nag promo pa kayo?

  14. Is this still working sir? I cannot seem to make it work for me. Huhu. :c

  15. yes sir! ok pa sya.
    nakaktawag ako pag 10php load ko.

  16. "paano ba block ung kakainin nya ung lod ko kun tatawag?basra mag send ng message ang 2323 ng tones cos na ko? ilang beses na nauubos lod ko?kainis nag promo pa kayo?"
    Bro, hindi ko maintindihan message mo. Pakiclear out in Filipino.


    invalid daw

  18. bakit invalid chatname..huhu pm me here thefaithdefender2000

  19. Dapat UNIQUE chatname. Baka may nakareg na sa naisip mong chatname. Parang sa email. Try another.

  20. Hi. Ask lang, bakit ganun few weeks ago okay siya gamitin as in hindi nababawasan yung load tapos nag-start ata mabawasan yung load ko, everytime I make a call, may narereceive na akong message from 2323 about sa free MP3 songs nila. They've already deducted P60 from my load. I guess may charge na siya na P5 per call?

  21. Based on what I read, may mga ganun ngang instances. Like what happened to my sis. Nagcharge ng 30php sa load nya last wk. But she didn't receive any mp3 songs. Pero ngaun, ok na naman. I think to be assured na hindi ka mananakawan ng load, maintain na lang ng PhP10 load.

  22. Oh okay, thanks! Just wanna share this to you http://www.symbianize.com/showthread.php?t=118516
    Possible na tumawag ng free kahit hindi registered yung tinatawagan... Hope this helps.

  23. @anonymous thanks for the info. but still some people are experiencing load decutions. Pag ganun, I think your number is not one of the lucky ones na nakalusot.

  24. Hey Euan, does it still work for you and your sis? Please let us know. We wan't to try this too. :)

  25. Yes it's working. 10php nga lang load namin just to secure para pagkainin man 10php lang un. Minsan naman tyempo na walang bawas,minsan meron. I just haven't found the trick to make it work strictly na walang bawas.

  26. Gumagana pb free call ..wahhh... Bket gnun ndi aqu mkpagregister,, plageng un username not valid.. haist.. Help me nmn xa nickname,, pls..


  27. Nickname? Name mo lang tapos lagyan mo ng number. Parang email add din lang.

  28. its still working???

  29. effective b tlga yn?uhm..lam nio b pano mgkanet s pc for free?/

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