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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to Get the Red Mobile Menu (Smart Retailers)

If you are not aware, Red Mobile users can reload through Smart Retailers.
In case you haven't updated you SmartlLoad Menu and the red mobile is not in the list, then you can update it by texting:
GETRED to 9992.

This update is free.
For SmartLoad Retailers only.

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  1. failed po yung lumalabas everytime na i-try ko po yung GETRED to 9992.

  2. pag ka GETRED TO 9992 wag muna gamitin ng atleast 3 - 5 min para macomplete ang download ng menu or kung ayaw parin try to call *333 to request

  3. thanks for the info! it worked in my retailer.. i already have the red mobile menu, now i can load red mobile prepaid subscribers.. but my problem now is i cant get the smartload menu, can you help me?.. i need the easiest and fastest way to get it.. :)

  4. thank you for being of great help...it's good that i found your site regarding my query about downloading the red mobile menu..i have been calling the CS (*333) and i have tried doing the instruction but still the respond was invalid keyword.....thanks again

  5. Salamat sa Info, try ko na lang hanggang lumabas na ung Red Mobile, sa ngayon kc walang reply o kahit anong confirmation.

  6. Here's a link on how to update Smart Load Retailer Menu.


  7. its been 3 weeks already but i can't get or update my red mobile menu.. i already tried GETRED send to 9992. pls help..thanx

  8. to update your smart load menu, text the syntax:


    Send to: 343

  9. to update your smart load menu, text the syntax:


    Send to: 343

  10. just got the red mobile menu, like they said u need to keep your phone idle for 5-10 minutes to enable the system to update your sim. GETRED to 9992 works.

  11. pull menu to 343 works. tnx

  12. thanks it works...

  13. pull menu doest work..lagi nalang reply na " you are not allowed to download this menu,, pls hellp naman.. ung red naman lagi nalang sending failed

  14. posible po ba madownload ang smartload menu sa isang ordinaryong smart buddy sim? please reply naman po kayo sa email add ko,, reyeschristian48@yahoo.com,, thanks po

  15. GETRED to 9992 doesn't work for me too. Need help very badly!!! Keep the phone idle for 5-10 mins. after sending the code to 9992 right? but i can't send it in the first place. I always get a failed message. grrr!!!

  16. thank you very much
    gumana maraming nalutas na problema ko.

    .Nahulugan ko ang bombay .
    Nawala ang pimples ko.
    .luminaw ang mata ko.
    Pero wala akong makain

    txt getpagkain to 9992?

  17. ask ko lang if naencounter nyo na ang loading phone ay puno na ang menu e.i talk n text load, smart load, buddy load. Yun kasi ang nakalagay pag kinukuha ko ung red mobile load menu.


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