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Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Solve "Incompatible Cartridge" in HP D1660 Printer?

If you are engaged in refilling your ink either personally or through a refilling station, you can encounter this problem with HP printers. The new HP printers are now equipped with cartridges which have micro chips inside that inform users with the ink level or if the cartridge is refilled or depleted. I had this problem when I bought HP D1660 printer and I refilled the introductory cartridges (Black and Tri-color HP 60). You should never refill the introductory cartridge that comes with your printer if you want to use your printer for long. I know that D1660 is the cheapest HP printer around, but still it costs you money to buy that right? So, don't do what I did if you don't want to spend more money in service repairs. Buy a new cartridge first to replace the introductory cartridge and help yourself with the refilling.

I haven't used my printer for two months and the cartridges inside were read as incompatible, I tried to replace it repeatedly to the printer but the problem persist. So I gave up and brought it to repairs. And the technician informed me that the cartridges are no longer reusable and I have to buy a new one. I bought one and printed pages until the cartridge was drained and the printer read it as depleted even if I refilled it. Again, another cartridge went to trash. Once your ink cartridge was read as "Incompatible Cartridge" or "Depleted or Used" by your HP printer, it can no longer be rescued nor reused, don't give hope on that and say bye-bye already. Even the ones that buy used cartridges will not spend even a peso for something that can no longer be recycled. It's already in it's "disposable" condition.
You need to buy a new cartridge and you should follow these:
Click image to enlarge

*If you have your new cartridge already, use it until the ink level drops to 2/5 of its original content (use the HP Solution Center program that comes with your printer to know the ink level). You can now refill it using your ink refilling kit or let a ink station do it for you. BUT before removing your cartridge from the tray, REMEMBER TO DO this so as not to receive any more "incompatible ink cartridge" message nor the low ink level: 
--- Turn off your printer by pressing the power button and unplug from a power source.
--- Open the cover of your printer.
--- Slide the cartridge tray to the right, so you can pull out the cartridge which is in need of refilling. Don't worry about sliding the tray manually using your hands, it will not damage your printer nor cause any electric shock.
--- Refill the cartridge, and remember to pinch an opening in the holes where you injected the ink. This will allow ventilation inside your cartridge.
--- Replace the cartridge in the tray and slide back the cartridge tray to its original position as before.
--- Plug your printer to a power source and turn it ON. Voila, your printer cannot tell that a refilled ink has been installed. And NO need to worry again if you always follow the above reminder.
The gist is, NEVER REPLACE the cartridge especially if it's refilled when the PRINTER IS ON.
The above is done because the printer stores in its memory the condition of the cartridge before it was turned off.

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