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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Download Game of Thrones Season 1-4 (TV Series)

I got hooked to this TV series Game of Thrones and decided to find download links of this series. Right now, I want to also share them with others so they can also be thrilled and got thinking on who will take over the throne and will lead the Westeros. I am sure you will be entangled on the GOT political plot, be hopeful for their people and be enlightened that today's political system is very much alike on what it was like before. For the one true KING!

Which side are you, the Lannisters, the Targaryens, Greyjoy, Tully, Arryn,Tyrell or Martell? Each house has its own identity but which house will be great enough to conquer them all. You can see for yourself, the direct download links are below. The file size ranges from 50MB-200MB, very suitable for fast downloading even in your phone or tablets.

Update Game of Thrones (GoT) Season 5, go to this post.

You can also download the ebooks (in pdf and epub format) where this series was loosely based, A Song of Ice and Fire, for FREE. Download ASOIF here.

If you encounter problem downloading, please see this tutorial for the guide. When downloading in SOLIDFILES.COM, just click the "Direct Download Link" (NOT the BIG Download button!) to begin.

Game of thrones download links season 1 episodes GOT
Season 1
Download Season 1 ALL episodes subtitles in English
Episodes Download
1. "Winter Is Coming" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
2. "The Kingsroad" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
3. "Lord Snow" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
4. "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
5. "The Wolf and the Lion" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
6. "A Golden Crown" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
7. "You Win or You Die" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
8. "The Pointy End" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
9. "Baelor" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
10. "Fire and Blood"  in mp4 | mkv - Mirror

Game of Thrones Season 2 Download GOT english subtitle episodes ep s2
 Season 2
 Download Season 2 ALL episodes subtitles in English
Episodes Download
1. "The North Remembers" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
2. "The Night Lands" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
3. "What Is Dead May Never Die" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
4. "Garden of Bones" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
5. "The Ghost of Harrenhal" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
6. "The Old Gods and the New" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
7. "A Man Without Honor" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
8. "The Prince of Winterfell" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
9. "Blackwater" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
10."Valar Morghulis" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror

Game of Thrones Season 3 Download Links episodes ep s3 GOT
Download Season 3 ALL episodes subtitles in English
Episodes Download with English subtitles
1. "Valar Dohaeris" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
2. "Dark Wings, Dark Words" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
3. "Walk of Punishment" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
4. "And Now His Watch Is Ended" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
5. "Kissed by Fire" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
6. "The Climb" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
7. "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
8. "Second Sons" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
9. "The Rains of Castamere" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
10. "Mhysa" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror

Game of Thrones Season 4 Download links episodes s4 GOT
Download Season 4 ALL episodes subtitles in English
Episodes Download
1. "Two Swords" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
2. "The Lion and the Rose" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
3. "Breaker of Chains" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
4. "Oathkeeper" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
5. "First of His Name" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
6. "The Laws of Gods and Men" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
7. "Mockingbird" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
8. "The Mountain and the Viper" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
9. "The Watchers on the Wall" in mp4 | mkv - Mirror
10. "The Children" -- in mkv | mirror mkv - Mirror

Note: To use the subtitles, just extract it along with the downloaded episode videos and rename it with the same filename as the video. 

Disclaimer: Photos and videos are not owned by i-Share.
Credits to the original uploaders!
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Let me know what you think, use the comment form below.


  1. Thanks a lot! But S2E9 mkv is linked to S2E10 instead, could you fix it please? Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the report. Fixed the link. You can download it fine now. :)

  2. Thanks for the fix!

  3. thanks a bunch.. but season 4 ep 1 the link is broken.. please fix it.. tq

    1. Which are you downloading, mkv or mp4 file? They are both working. It's better if you use IDM downloader.

    2. thx Euan, maybe my connection error at that time.

  4. Thank you so much. I've been searching for this for a long time

  5. I just love GOT! Thanks a lot!
    Super excited about season 5's download links :)

    1. will keep you posted once it's out!

  6. Thank you so much!
    been looking GoT that is shared in solidfiles and then found your blog. very nice :)

  7. hi..season 4 ep 10 different link.please check.thanks so much:)

    1. Hi! Thanks for the report. I updated it but with an MKV format. I cannot find an mp4 format. If you still want an MP4 one, please standby for the update. Thanks again.

  8. What's the Video Resolution? THANKS.

    1. It's suitable for phone or tablet. I think it's 460p.

    2. I think the mkv file of Season 2 Episode 4 is broken.

    3. I have checked the link and it is working fine from here. Please use the DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK when you are downloading from solidfiles.

    4. Ka-bayan, meron ka nang episodes ng Season 5?

    5. Meron na po, updated to the latest episode:

    6. Naks. Maraming Maraming Salamat Ka-bayan. Isa kang bayani xD

  9. could you please reupload season 3? Thank you so much

    1. hi! I checked the links of season 3 and they are working fine. If you have trouble downloading the files, please refer to this tutorial:

      I also have added mirror links. You can try them also.

  10. Astig mo bro salamat sa links! Sana may 720p din na nasa 1270xXXX resolution.

    Rak en roll to da world \m/

  11. thanks much, i have been looking for this. very easy not like the others.

  12. thanks for the upload. :)

  13. Thanks a lot man for ur uploads.

  14. i have downloaded series 4 up to ep 6 but i cant go any further due to adds and sign up stuff , any idea how to get the last 4 episodes

    1. Have you tried using the mirror links above?

  15. Hey seriously thank-you for this. <3

  16. Sir di po ma DL ung ep. 7 ng season 4 na-block po ng ads ung link.
    Na Dl ko na naman po ung iba, dun lang po talaga nagkaroon ng ganong problema.

  17. season 4subtitles download link not working :(

  18. finally!! i can watch GOT from Season 1 to season 4.. but what about 5 and 6 guys? thanks anyway for uploading guyzz.. keep it up..

  19. none of the link is working.. it says URL is blocked

    1. Most of them are not working! All are fucking ads ine after another. Just forget this site and find another.

  20. http://adf.ly/2572202/gameofthronestvs3ep2mp4

    The URL you're trying to reach has been blocked!


  22. Fuck!! @@@@@@@ shit no links all areads nalware fake ogfer shit links. I even download adblock for my phone, and still cant reach to thenpoint of download link. Fuck u asshole and your moron

  23. admin ur link is blocked .kindly unblock it or give up new link .
    thanks in advance

  24. Why is it that whenever I will download any episode from season 4, it will just redirect me to many ads but I can't reach the mediafire site where I can download. Help please. Thankyou :)

  25. cant download from Season 4 episode7 onwards =(

  26. cant download from Season 4 episode7 onwards =(
    is there anyone out there please i beg you can you give me a copy.

  27. admin, san po yung link ng Season 6?
    maraming salamat

  28. your season 4 episodes 7-9 mp4 is broken

    1. It's the same for me almost a year later. Fix, pretty please?

  29. I downloaded an episode but it doesn't work :( why??

  30. Season 6 please.

  31. Ads are part of life so recognize them even for a second and it is life of a website to give a sevices, and close the ads and some appearing in screen its an ads just focus on mp4 it is really working it direct u to ad fly but just close all ads that will appear and wait for just 5 seconds and u will gonna skip u to ads and then u wil redirecting to the files and thats it ot work with subtitle just use vlc to fitted ur subtitle included in movies got.

  32. season 1 episode 9 i cant download it

  33. i am just watch the Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 trailer in social sites. I am very excited to watch the full episodes of this.

  34. Thanks for this article. Please upload trailer of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4.Thanks in advance

  35. it's seems that the videos stop whenever i try to click forward or backward, anyone else experiencing this?

  36. I usually don't comment, But compliment is due here. Thanks a lot for your efforts. Can't find any good resource other than yours. I hope you will upload whole game of Thrones season 7. Have a great day.

  37. I am appreciate your passion. Keep sharing its very nice blog for lovers of game of thrones. I am watched the trailer of Game of Thrones season 7 episode 3, i like it very much please upload full episode.

  38. Thanks for sharing these episodes. I am looking for these from a long time. Thanks again. I liked the trailer of 6th episode very much. Please share the full episode of game of Thrones season 7 Episode 6.

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