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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ef: A tale of memories

The story revolves around the life of twins (Kei and Chihiro). They had been friends with Hiro, a manga artist who discloses his identity because he is still a student, ever since they are small. Kei had been jealous of Chihiro and Hiro’s closeness because Chihiro can think of good stories while Hiro draws them for her. She felt left behind. But due to an accident, Chihiro had lost her left eye and also incurred short-term amnesia which makes her forget after all her memories after the accident within 13 hours. So, Chihiro has to keep a diary that starts with “to tomorrow’s me from yesterday’s me” and she has to read them every waking time to keep track with her life. I found it funny when she woke up and said “Why am I this old and big?”. She had to stop going to school and she had been instructed not to be friends with others. Her life is shown as a girl tied in chains in which her 12 years of existence before is the only length she can move. Then she met Renji and her life changed from routinary days to days filled with happiness and new experiences. Renji had unleashed her from the chains of her disability. On the other hand, Kei is in the same school as Hiro. She had been looking for him ever since. She always reminds him of his obligations at school and how his absences can fail him to move to next year level. Then Hiro met Miyamoto on a Christmas eve and found out that they are students from the same school. Kei felt left behind again. Hiro is a person who believes that once he gets involved to something, he can’t just leave it as if nothing happens. So, when he got stuck in the love triangle between Kei and Miyamoto, he chose Miyamoto for she had been the color that had been missing in his life. But they are still friends with Kei and Kei had found her someone in the person of Hiro’s bestfriend. It ended in a happy way.

What I can’t figure out is the role of Himura, Kuze and the girl who had been appearing in their dreams. I don’t see a need to include that fictional part in the plot.

The anime shares good inspirations on having a dream and working to make it happen. I am not particular if an anime is well created and edited, what is important is how it is able to convey stories to viewers. It is a drama but it is not a slow paced one. I also noticed that included sexy and shower scenes to appeal to boy audiences. It is an anime version of the 50 first dates and differ only that Chihiro can remember little of what happened before which makes her act like normal people. I also like the way in which a novel was inserted and it was able to correlate with the plot. The story was also depicted using the novel through imagery.

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