January. Happy New Year. FREE Internet for Smart/Globe Even with Zero Load for Android and for PC/Laptop.
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

FREE Internet For Talk N Text Users

This is a simple FREE Internet tutorial using Talk'N Text SIM. I have tried this and it works but don't expect a fast internet connection. It uses Ultrasurf software which you can also use to bug your SIM if you are subscribed to SURFMAX or any internet promo.

TNT SIM with at least one peso load
Modem/pocket wifi/broadband stick
Ultrasurf app - Download Here

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Unlimited Internet with Zero Load for Android Devices (Smart and Globe/TM)

Smart Communications has lots of loopholes in their system nowadays. So, most of my posts are becoming Smart-ish. Globe/TM users who cannot make the Proxifier works, this may work with you. Unfortunately, this is for Android devices only. No PC, no Laptop. Are we clear? Thanks to the makers of this app and the provider of the settings, without them we will still be enslaved by the high internet charges of the telecommunications in our country.

Globe/TM SIM (needs to be registered to a promo, any promo as long as the promo provides free Viber and FB) or Smart/SmartBro SIM with zero load
Download this Psiphon with modified logo
Android tablet or phone (SIM capable, at least with 3G network for faster speed)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

How to Have FREE Internet Even Without Load for All Network (Torrent Capable)?

FREE internet again even without load (zero load) and now for all network! Globe, Sun, Smart, Talk 'n Text and TM subscribers buckle up your modem with your old and working SIMs. This tutorial is very easy especially made for novices (newbies) and can be use to download torrents, just plug broadband, connect to the internet and run the UltraSurf app. See below for the settings. Thanks to the developer and users of Usurf, they were able to provide us this simple trick. This is for desktop/laptop users only because it uses Ultrasurf which is available for desktop only. But you can use your phone to tether the internet to your laptop/desktop. Have I mentioned that it can download torrents?  

Update February 11, 2016: Working

Also, if you are registered to any promo right now and you are tired of being throttled to 2G or being capped due to heavy usage, check this tutorial for Smart and Globe.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to Have FREE Internet? Bug Your KickStart Data SIM or Jump-In SIM

I haven't posted for weeks and with that I return with a not-so-new trick as this is old already in the bugging world but still kicking and working great. This tutorial will bug your KickStart Data SIM through the so-called the "babad" mode. One advantage of this trick is, the SIM used in this guide is the cheapest of all the LTE SIMs out there. The KickStart Data SIM can be bought for only PhP20 (supposed to be) but other retailers are profiting from it with 2 pesos or 5 pesos "patong" depending on your location. You can also buy the Jump-In SIM (Student SIM) if KickStart Data is not available in your location. These SIMs are preferred in this guide and they have FREE 10MB allocation. You don't have to load any amount unless---, the bugging failed you have to do the "pakain" trick. Pakain tricks are your Plan B in case the 10MB allocation from your new SIM is already consumed and yet you still cannot have the FREE unlimited internet. I will discuss the "pakain" trick later in the post. Another thing, I wasn't posting it before because it takes about 1-5 hours to make it work but now, I think this guide is worth the wait as it has been kicking  for more than months already. Working as of December 7, 2015

New! Piso per Day Unlimited Internet Access for TNT and Smart Users

Disclaimer: This tutorial may not work for all of us 100% because of location/area variability, you might want to mix and match the procedures to come up with the working version for your SIM and location. The tips provided in this tutorial are very helpful to your bugging process. Important factors are: IP used, enrolled promos, load protect, APN and internet signal (3G/LTE). 

Attention Ultera modem users, Smart is doing IMEI blocking in their system and if your modem became identified as unregistered, it will pave unusable. Some users who reported this issue has symptoms of blinking modem and failure to register to the network even using various SIMs.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Working! FREE Call to Any Network (TM)

Try this while this is still working. FREE Call to ANY network for Touch Mobile users!

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