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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Globe/TM Unlimited Night Call

The unlimited night call from TM is cheaper than that of Globe. So, instead of using my Globe sim, I bought a TM sim for only P10 and tried this service before it is aired in the media. Connecting calls is really not a problem and registering does not take long. You have to maintain a 6.50 balance to enjoy the service. All in all the lowest reload you have to make is 22 pesos to avail it (Php 15 for the register and 6.50 to make calls). But after the ads had been appearing in TV, making calls had been frustrating. I have to make more than 5 calls in order to connect because it always says "Network Busy" and there had been times that once I got connected, an answering machine will play saying my credit will expire soon. So, I have to go to the repeated redialing again. Why then they have to offer such service if they don't have the enough equipments or whatever you call that to cater to their promo users? The minutes I had to wait for my cellphone to automatically redial were wasted. But once you are connected, the possibility of cutting the connection is very minimal. Your efforts are then compensated. Another thing, register after 11 pm to still enjoy few more unlimited minutes for the following night.
Also, call before 6am and you won't be charged if your call passed the 6am limit. It will not be cut.
Calling from TM to Globe and vice versa is still possible.

To register
TM: TAWAG_15 Send to 2868
GLOBE: UNYT_20 send to 2868
until dec.14,2008 only

Registering is anytime of the day but the service is good only between 11pm to 6am.
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  1. thanks... it helps

  2. thanks it really helps a lot!
    what to dial when you have registered to this promo?thanks!

  3. Yun number na mismo. TM or globe.

  4. until now ba ongoing pa din ang unli call ng TM?

  5. ...tnx 4 guiding me...

  6. thankzxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. pano i deactivate ang ETXT20 subscription ko? mag rereg kasi ako sa ibang subscription

  8. panu mag pa unli sa tm??at magkano dapat load mo?

  9. salamat.hindi ako m,aka send

  10. Panu po mga Unlicall,txt good for 3 dys.Panu yung register sa TM...please some one help me.

  11. bakit d aq mka pasok xa unli call paanu po vha??

  12. bket di na mkpag unlicall sa tm? ung pang gabi?

  13. ang gulo ng promo nyo

  14. mag update naman kayo ng mga latest! hirap ipa register. ano ba naman yan.


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