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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

House season 5

I want the old team back. I have read from news articles in the net that this season will focus on the lives of each character in the series. Thirteen's Huntingtons and bisexuality will be probed, Cameron will have a case, Cuddy will have a lover, and it is now time for Huddy to shine. Can House and Wilson's friendship be revived? Cameron and House episodes here will be minimal that's why I think I am not going to watch this until it is finished. I still hope that Hameron will still be a couple in the future. I am a Hameron fan though David Shore had announced already that this couple's love story has already ended and will not be touched in the coming episodes. If not for this season, maybe DS can include them in the next season, if that happens I will sure watch them even if I had to stream online. And it seems that the classic House looks has been abandoned (remember the beating heart, the collapsed lung, the floating corpuscles and the syringe being injected in the bloodstream?). Season 3 and 4 had deviated from it already as well as their medico storylines. Season 1 and 2 had all inspired me to be a diagnostician and had taught me new knowledge on medicine and illnesses. Remember that they had been popular because it is a show which not only entertain people but also give people the idea on the way of life in the hospital. That is why it is favored than Grey's Anatomy which is more of a medical drama with too little on the medical part. House had improved my vocabulary on medical issues and I started reading medical books. Come on, bring the old storyline back. I want more thrill!

Update: Spoilers. House's father is dead. Wilson had convince him to deliver a eulogy. He is not his real father.

Cuddy had planned to adopt a child but House is being against it. She had confided this with Wilson but House found out about it. And yup, romance is forming between the two of them. Wilson is making moves for House to express what he feels for Cuddy and tricked Cuddy that he is also interested in her. Makes it a love triangle. But he only did that to stir House. Huddy had already locked lips and there's a part where House grabbed her breast. They are sharing office because Cuddy's had been wrecked due to hostage drama.

Thirteen is participating in clinical trials for Foreman's drugs for Huntington. She had a one night stand with a girl who is suffering from illness and the girl only did that for House to diagnose her.

Chase and Cameron are still having little exposures.

Stand by for my House Season 5 recaps in details.

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