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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bonifacio Day Disaster

It had been raining hard since Saturday night. The weather bureau had announced that we are not experiencing any storm. What we have that night was only heavy rainfall due to cold front. I woke up from sleep and discovered that our streets were already flooded. Since our place is located at low area, that scenario was a usual one especially after heavy downpour. What is unusual is that it continued raining for the rest of the day. What seems to be an ordinary Sunday for the Bicolanos turned out to be a disaster. It was reported that our only source of drinking water is already contaminated due to broken pipes in the main water lines and this lack of supply of water will continue for at least 15 days! Also, the bridges linking us from other provinces have already given up due to violent out flow of water from the rivers.

This force of nature had strike us so unexpectedly. Outside, the water had risen to the height of an adult person. The streets were no longer visible. The water inside our house is already knee-deep. This made us transfer our things, from books to appliances, to higher locations. Electricity was also cutoff and our only source of fire, the gas range, is already floating in our kitchen. It was an experience to have a candle lit dinner while muddy water flows under our dining table. After we have disarranged our house to keep things from getting soaked, another burden waits our tomorrows. Once the rains stopped and the water washed away, how will we dry our sofa in this cold and rainy season? Will we have the same amount of adrenalin pumps to reorganize our place and remove all the mud residues? We surely have tiring days ahead. And take note, more tiring days! Not only we will not be able to take baths regularly, we also have to deal on where will we fetch water to wash our clothes and dishes if the only possible alternative is the rain which in great amounts can turn our streets into a body of water? We are still lucky to have our house intact. Let us not forget how this event had taught people here to trust in the Lord in times of troubles and weaknesses.

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