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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Browse the Net for Free with Your CP as Modem

I tried another option to have a free internet access. This time it is using my phone as modem. The setup is applicable for both Smart and Globe.

What you need:
Smart Users should have at least one peso balance in your account. It won't connect if it's zero.
Globe users zero balance is right enough. I tried it this way and it really works.
Your cellphone (with GPRS or 3G) with good signal.
Activate GPRS for Smart: SET fonemodel send to 211. Globe: GO fonemodel send to 2951.
Nokia PC suite (any version)
Opera, Firefox, or IE
Data Cable (I prefer it for faster connection). It's only 60 pesos in CD-R King.

How to do:
1. Connect your modem-capable cellphone (as for me 6230, N70 and N82) via USB cable. Haven't tried any brand so, I can't comment. You can explore anyway.
2. Run Nokia PC Suite.
3. Click "Connect to the Internet" Icon.
4. Click Configure (the wrench icon) in the pop up window. Choose your Phone Modem in the Drop down dialogue box.
5. Click Next. Tick Configure Manually. Enter APN.
for Globe users: http.globe.com.ph
for Smart: internet
6. Open your Browser (I tired it with Firefox and Opera 9.62).

In the Address bar type:
for Globe- http://3g.myglobe.com.ph.flyproxy.com
Alternatives: concealme.com or kproxy.com
for Smart-http://wap.smart.com.ph.flyproxy.com
Alternatives: kproxy.com concealme.com or
Remember you just have to edit the last two words in the address to use the alternatives.

And wait for the site to load. The address masks your IP ad so you can browse undetected. In their site your can find address box to enter URL. Enter your desired URL like google.com, yahoo.com, friendster.com. any thing. But the capability of the proxy site is only limited. Sometimes, I cannot log-in to friendster even if I can click the log-in button. Sometimes pages are incomplete. Once you got the site working, you can now Enable your javascript to have a best view of the sites.

One more thing, You CANNOT watch online with these proxies but you can make downloads.

Sometimes it gives error but that ain't true, just refresh. Sometimes it's fast sometimes it takes time to load.

My antivirus was able to detect the sites as inappropriate so make sure that you add them to trusted zones or if not, disable your antivirus.

That's it! If you encounter problems, just post them here.

Credits: www.symbianize.com

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  1. i cant connect it says unable to find telephone signal, but there a 3g signal here in our area what is wrong on my procedure???

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. What's your network provider?

    I made an error in the post. If you are using SMART, your APN should be 'internet'. You should type it in the configuration settings in the PC Suite (Step 5 in How to do).

  4. can you help mewith my samsung sgh-t809 fon. its at mobile fone but ive already unlock it . i ask for gprs setting on globe then i receive a configuration message but when i view the message a text appear 'configuration error'.

  5. ^your fone is like a vodafone? openline na sya, right?
    the text activation from globe is not compatible to your fone. then maybe you should make a manual input of settings.

    1. Go to Menu > Choose Settings > Connectivity
    2. Go to Data Accounts and Create New Account
    3. Account Name: MyGlobe GPRS
    4. APN: www.globe.com.ph and save the account
    5. Go to Internet Settings and Create New Profile
    Name: MyGlobe CONNECT
    Connect Using: MyGlobe GPRS
    Save Profile
    6. Select the profile MyGlobe CONNECT in Internet Profile
    7. Select Settings
    Internet Mode: HTTP
    Use Proxy: Yes
    Proxy Address:
    Port Number: 8080
    8. Save Settings and now choose advance settings
    Homepage: http://www.globe.com.ph/globe.asp
    10. Save

    MyGlobe INET Settings
    1. Go to Menu > Choose Settings > Connectivity
    2. Go to Data Accounts and Create New Account
    Account Name: MyGlobe INET
    APN: http.globe.com.ph
    3. Save

    I tired my vodafone for this before, but it didn't work because there are more options needed. like the call number.

    maybe you should try it and see if the settings fit.

  6. gumagana pa ba to?

  7. waw nice post po. thanks

  8. Hello! Sinubukan ko, pero hindi gumagana.. it took me almost 30 mins. pero hindi pa rin na.load ung page.. bakit?

  9. Nagmanual input ka ba ng APN sa PC suite? ano ba network mo? Try mo ang chinagrows.com lagi yan kumukunek.

  10. oo, manual input.. chinagrows ung gnamit q, ayaw pa rin eh, naglo.Loading naman pero tagal nga lng matapos.. halos aabot ng isang oras..

  11. Globe ka ba or smart?
    Pag nakiclick mo ba yun connect icon e naconnect naman? ganito ba ginawa mo? connect icon, wrench icon, choose ur phone modem, choose manual configuration, input APN, click finish, open browser, type url. Try mo type yun wap.smart.com.ph o kya 3g.myglobe.com.ph sa address bar, pag hindi nakaconnect, may prob sa phone mo na. kaso di ko lam. ano ba fone yan? kagagamit ko lang ng trick na to last sunday. Ok naman.

  12. Check mo pla un settings mo sa browser (firefox at opera lang lam ko, TOols>advanced>network>proxy settings>dapat walang nakacheck

  13. globe po.. o0, tinry ko na ung process na yan, ayaw talaga.. naglo-loading naman ung chinagrows, kaso pag.Type ko na ng addres, ang bagal mag.loading.. tama naman ung settings.. wlang proxy..

  14. globe po.. o0, tinry ko na ung process na yan, ayaw talaga.. naglo-loading naman ung flyproxy, kaso pag.Type ko na ng addres, ang bagal mag.loading.. tama naman ung settings.. wlang proxy..

  15. Pag 3g.Myglobe.Com.Ph hindi nalabas?

  16. i tried it with 29 load credits it works but after a short moment my load was reduced to 9 and it stopped browsing, do you have another globe url that wont "eat" my credit away..tnx here's my email add for confidentiality : hmneri@gmail.com

  17. ^working ito kahit zero load. Di ba itatype mo 3g.myglobe.com.ph.Flyproxy.com pag lumabas un page dun ka mag-iinput ng URL. So everytime magchechange ka ng URL dapat dun sa flyproxy box kasi pag hindi, mababawasan ka talaga. Dapat hindi ka rin gumagamit nun search engine toolbar mo. kun magsesearch ka kelangan mong pumunta sa yahoo o google page using the web proxies. try mo ng walang load.

  18. eow p2long nmn po mgconfigure..phone ko po is samsung M3510....tnx! pwde pki email po skn? dark_jerka_24@yahoo.com

  19. Kuya Euan,

    kasi poh d aq maka conect. gumagana poh buh ung OM 2.06 sa RAZR V3....
    tnx poh paki lkng taz kung panu i config tnx

    network connection daw!!

  20. patulong naman..N6230i phone ko at smart gmit ko..ayaw e..opera mini 4.2 gamit ko

  21. is it working with internet explorer?????????

  22. Kuya, may iba pabang proxy? di nagloload ung page ng flyproxy, concealme.com at kproxy? bat kaya un? nasunod ko naman lahat sa procesS?
    Text tau kuya pede? hehe 09283248866.. gusto ko lang tlga ma22nan to.. thanks po. God bless

  23. i have a samsung phone po Samsung phone...i tried to use it as a dial up modem for internet access but it was asking for a uid and pwd from globe..any idea??? please help!

  24. favor din po,help about s free internet access, kc andami q n version ng opera min, but still all of them is not working, only w/ credits on the phone, my phone is samsung corby, kung pd poh pakiemail n din poh s sken, robin_garing@yahoo.com.ph...thanx

  25. ako din ang phone ko is GW300 (LG) anu pong dapat kung gawin para makapag internet ako ng free.at anung operamini ang dapat kung gamitin ans me pls or email me at jayveebangui@rocketmail.com pls thanks


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