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Saturday, December 13, 2008

China Phones: Is it Good Enough?

Recently, NTC were raiding stores that sells china and cloned phones. On their reports, these phones pose health risks to users. Ok, i got the warning. They said they that they were smuggled with no seal from NTC. But i am still lucky to have a D2600 phone. I don't know if i will be sued for owning one. Below are the specifics of my phone.

My phone is not a tv-phone but it's a touchscreen with wide screen.
2.0 mp of camera (not good quality shots for a 2.0 mp). It can edit shots and can be set to match the environment. Pictures can toggle from vertical to horizontal views.

Not 3g. But other phones have this common feature.

Screen resolution is better than n70.

Menu view is like that of iphone.

Can be used with two sim cards from different networks simultaneously. When you receive messages, it will indicate which network as well as when receiving calls.

3D sound with loud volume. But when you maximized the vol, the sound will be like crashing metals and high pitched.

Can load txt format files so i read ebooks there, more handy and energy efficient.

Video and music quality are good, i like the player for both. You can watch movies with it as long as you have large micro SD memory.

FM capable. Can be played in loud speaker and can record music played on air.

Bluetooth function.

With headset but it now needs to be replaced.

The package contains two batts. Each batt runs for 4 days on texting and calling only. Two days when multimedia devices are oftenly used.

Can recharge using pc and electric source.

Can transform into a web cam that i use for chatting and also as a flash drive when directly connectd to pc with data cable.

I can browse the net using it but i am unaware if it can play java games. Haven't tried opera mini with it.

There is only 1 prob with that phone, it doesn't have sent items folder. And a tiny flaw also, it can't personalize msg alert tone and accesories are rarely purchased in stores. So, when my charger blew off, i had to open my laptop for my recharge. Globe sim cards can't function in the slave connection, makes it my master network. Glad to read comments!

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  1. hi,

    my boss bought a china phone ("nokia N79i" daw) and he asked me to try it for him.

    yes, i saw this flaw re sent items, actually there is a sent folder you just have to activate it. but it doesn't work on messages you have replied too.

    the price is dirt cheap, P2300 from divisoria / binondo areas, P3200 from tiangges around mm, the sound is okay for its price.

    i simply hate the fonts & animation for its interface, otherwise it's a good buy.

    i dunno how long this phone will last as i have heard rumors of its battery bloating.

    re health concerns? just heard it from you. mind telling me more?



  2. ^the health risk is that china phones are manufactured in the cheapest way possible.So, given that it came from china, it can much contain lead on its parts and also they said it produces more radiation than other phones.

    as for the functions, it gives more flexibility than other original phones. And by the way, you can't install java apps in there.


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