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Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to Freeze Your Computer to be Resistant to Viruses?

Do you know that there's a software that even if you load up your computer with viruses and you messed up with its system, it will still run on the state before you messed it up when you restart it? I tell you, how this done.
It is by making your computer system in freeze state. It means that you freeze the core of your computer in a good state, no viruses and running in good mode. So, even if viruses attack the system of your computer it will be resistant to that and will restore back to the state it had been before it was attack after restart. An antivirus will be unnecessary.
Download Deep Freeze With Serial

Just a reminder, this is a powerful software. I tried to install it and I had a hard time removing it. So, install it at your own risk. The trick to uninstall it is to make your computer date in the future (after the expected expiration date). The uninstall button which was not present in the Add/Remove Programs before will now appear.

The downside is:
1. you have to use USB to store your files. You can also partition your hard drive into two (C and D). Then you only freeze the C drive in which the operating system files are stored. Then the D drive will the only one vulnerable to viruses. And this also where you store the files you have made since if you store it in C, it will be time to say bye-bye to them once you restart. Because as I have said it restores back to its previous state.
2. Every time you have to install new softwares, you have to unlock it and it requires a restart which will be a tiring process as for me since my laptop is kind of sluggy.


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