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Friday, December 12, 2008

How to Read Ebooks using PSP?

Do you use your fone to read ebooks? Well, there is also another way where ebooks came in handy, use your psp (though psp is a lot bigger and heavier). I used to read them through my china fone (i will make new post regarding the good things of having that illegal fone).
Actually, there are 4 ways. I'll list them in order of ascending preferability.
  1. Save the ebook as html file. Copy the content of the pdf format manually and paste it in MS Word. Click 'Save as', drop down option in the FILE TYPE box,choose html,not the htm file,ok? Name it in a way that it will be easily typed and remembered since you'll have to type it in your psp like, x.Html. Send to the root memory of your PSP (connect first the PSP to your desktop with usb cable then enable usb mode). Your drive name can be f: or g:. Unable usb mode in your PSP after transfer. Go to the 'Internet Browser' of your psp. Click 'no' if asked to connect to the internet. Press triangle and go to 'Tools' (the toolbox icon). Set cache setting to 'Do not use' and ok. Go to address bar and enter 'file:/x.Html'. 'file:/' input shortcut is under 'http://' button while 'html' is entered by pressing the GHI4. Enter. Your file will load now. The problem with this is that when you have long ebook, error will occur due to less virtual memory. And you cannot bookmark them, it starts from the top everytime you open it. It's tiring to browse long pages.

  2. You can upload the pdf file in your e-mail address and open it using a PSP with internet connection. There won't be problem with the low memory. But of course, it needs active internet connection. You can't read your e-book while riding a bus.

  3. You can use the PSP Ebook Creator. It's free! DOWNLOAD PSP EBOOK CREATOR. Install it in your desktop. Open the pdf file, ctrl+a, copy, paste in notepad, and save it as txt file. Or you can direct the conversion in adobe or foxit under FILE Menu. Plug PSP to desktop and enable usb mode. Run ebook creator. Go to FILE>load ebook and look for the saved txt file of your ebook. Ok. For the output folder, go to FILE>OUTPUT>PSP>PICTURE. With this application, you can instantly preview your ebook in the PSP image found at the center as you personalize the view (portrait or landscape), fonts and font color, background color and headers. I suggest you use dirty white background with black Georgia font in 12 pt. Enter the title of your ebook in the box beside BUILD EBOOK button then hit the build button. It takes time to convert the txt file to jpeg. Also, it eats about 20-30 MB of memory. When done, unable usb mode. Go to PICTURES in your PSP XMB and you'll find a new folder with the ebook title u have entered. Read it in jpeg format. Just press L or R in your PSP to turn pages. Sometimes an ebook takes up 1000+ images and psp only views 1000 of it. So to continue reading the remaining pages, erase the previous images.

  4. Use Bookr, a free application that let's you read txt file and pdf formats (no conversion needed). Download BOOKR, you can also download here. Note:this installer works only with PSP CFW version (those with M33 like 3.71 M33). If you have the ofw one (no M33) then only the above 3 applies to you. If you got confused on where is the download option in that page, you have to click the icon/picture below the warning that this file might harm your computer (but it won't). To install, plug your psp to pc and enable usb mode. Remember the drive path of your psp (f: or g:), you will need it in the installation. Run the bookr installer and type your psp drive and your done. Send your ebook files to PSP>GAMES>BOOKR>BOOKS. Disconnect psp from desktop and run bookr in GAMES. Read the help there. It will teach you how to use bookr. Sometimes you have to save your ebook with bigger font. Use comic sans 13pt. Zoom in or out the views to make the pages fit the screen. You can bookmark pages with this application. It takes less memory storage along with your saved ebooks.
That's it! You've got your choices.
Thanks to those people who created such good applications!
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  1. Tnx for that noob-friendly guide!

  2. great check this

  3. i think bookr its the best if you have a m33 version thx man !

  4. I have a better idea. You could save eBook files in TXT format and save them on your PSP.When you connect your PSP to your computer, then when you choose open folder to view files, then in the first screen you see, save those TXT files there.
    Suppose the name of the eBook is af1, you enter in your browser FILE:/AF1.TXT. Then you read happily ever after

  5. Thanks so much!!! Installing is a breeze. I'll repost this =)

  6. I want to use bookr but everytime I try it says file is corrupted so I do not know what I'm doing wrong... please help :(

  7. Hello,

    The psp e-book creator converts any text file into a customizable formatted e-book that can be read on a psp. It allows you to make attractive e-books you can read on your playstation portable. Thank you...

    PDF ePub


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