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Monday, December 15, 2008

Marky Cielo (Ditto)

This post will be based from what i had read on the web regarding his death. It's all pure speculations (since the family had not vocalized the true cause of death). There is a known said-to-be official reason, "bangungot" or pancreatic something. It will also reflect some of my views as an observer, i know i don't have any rights to make something out of this. I only heard his name when the news started. Today, he was delivered to his final destination. People from the industry, fans, and relatives had been there to give farewell to the man who had been part of their lives--as an admirer or as a close friend.

I am not aware that there had been rumors regarding his death. When Kris Aquino had stated that it is bangungot, i have accepted it as is. It's like another Rico Yan story. But when i heard interviews of his mother, i began to suspect something is up. Her words doesn't express so much grief but the feeling of loss and hurt are there. Her tone of words reaches me as "if only". If only she will be given another chance, that could not have happen. She is blaming herself as well! And that made me come to think why is hate present? That's when my search started.

As of the moment, speculations had branched out from bangungot. Personal problem which lead him to hang himself or overdose himself with pills. Drug abuse. Health issues like being an HIV+. The reasons all account to personal issues.

On drug abuse, it was believed to be ecstacy since he was a teenager and liked to go "partying" with his friends. But having the good boy and the Big Brother personality, i think this rumor is way out of tune. Unless, it is a habit.

What most people believe is that he was having grave personal problems. Many was hinting on the words from his mother's interviews. "...Matanggap namin ang GINAWA, kalagayan mo ngaun." (may we be able to accept what you done, what happened to you). Mine was when she said that he has to accept the responsibilities of his actions. It was speculated that he hanged himself after he made his confessions to his mother regarding his big problem. The big problem was said to be his involvement to a girl who is in a relationship with someone whose dad is in the military. So, the dad having influence had threatened to end his career and to kill people from his family. Another angle was he had made that girl pregnant and Gma network had found out about it and informed him that there will be possibilities of less projects. Stories had risen that he had been crying on the fone talking to someone while at the internet shop. It was also stated that he had been attempting to call his manager who is already asleep that evening. Then went home and confided his problem with his mom. The following morning, he was found hanging in his room. There were evidences of bruises on his knuckles. He was wearing turtle-neck shirt in his coffin to hide the marks. Those who embalmed him had said the same thing to someone they know. There were also stories that the church had refused to grace him the burial rights (suicide is a mortal sin and those who committed it were not allowed for blessings). The priest had mentioned it to someone.

If it was HIV, i don't think he would do such thing. Though not curable, at least it takes years.

If he got someone pregnant, i also don't think that he will tackle the problem that way. He is a man. If it would affect his career and image, didn't he save his winnings and income?

If the threats were true, then i don't think i can comment on this. He is in real dilemma.

The public will continue to develop theories regarding his death unless the family shows what's behind the death. If they won't, time will let us forget. But did we forget about rico? Did we accept the known cause as is? Even now i still wonder when i hear his name. Also, people are expecting for the autopsy to go public.

If they are protecting his image, i don't think that the public views of him will change. We are open-minded people,right? I think the truth will not be a bother.

As of now the best thing we can do is respect the silence
though we are bound to search for answers.

May you rest in peace, Marky Cielo!


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