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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Things You Think You Know About Cameron Diaz

Remember the girl who sang out of tune in a bar but still made the crowd ask for more? The one with smiles that reaches the ears, the one with that staring blue eyes. She shook her booties as if they are moving on their own and danced along the controversial Penis Song. That celebrity is Cameron Diaz.

She is of Cuban descent (her name proves it). Born on Aug 30, 1972 (makes her 36 this date). She became a model at the age of 16 and had been working for Levi's and CK. Her modeling career had let her travel the world. She started her acting career when she is 21 in the movie The Mask. Her 'public' boyfriends were Matt Dillon (Never thought that they belong in the same age bracket), Jared Leto, Julian Barry, and Justin Timberlake (9 years younger than her). She starred in Vanilla Sky, There's Something about Mary, My Bestfriend's Wedding, Charlie's Angels, The Holiday, What Happens in Vegas and many others and lent her voice to Princess Fiona in Shrek. She had an obsessive-compulsive disorder and germophobia.

I can only cite few besides what Wiki mentioned.

1. She is an environmentalist and had delivered a lecture regarding environment in Stanford University. She is part of a community that helped the victims of hurricane Katrina.

2.In Wiki, she only ranked third (after Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon) among the actresses who received a paycheck of 20M for a picture. Based on my previous reading, she is in second place after Ms. Roberts.

3.She was paid 15M for her role in The Sweetest Thing but the movie resulted to flopped in the box office.

4.Her leading man in Sweetest Thing, Thomas Jane, said that during the making of the film even though he thinks that their kissing scene was a good one already, Cameron still called for a take two to redo it.

4.She had a private surfing training in Hawaii.

5. In the movie What Happens in Vegas, the scene where she and Ashton Kutcher are drunk and getting married, they were really had shots of booze to make the scene natural. You should watched it in Youtube, they are really funny. But that scene was only shown for few seconds.

6.A magazine had called her a cheater while she was involved with Timberlake. She and a producer were seen hugging backstage. She sued the magazine and told them that it was only an innocent hug and they should stop the publicity.

7.She had broken her nose four times! Maybe due to her tomboyish acts way before. When it happened the fourth time, she had undergone surgery to fix it. Not for vanity reasons. A clot had formed in one of her air passages which makes her breathe through only one nostril.

8. She never looked fat. Her body figure changed but the changes improved her looks and maintained a slim one.

Does she have plans of getting married and having babies? She is 36 already. Well, Nicole Kidman had her baby at 41. Lot's of time.

I am always amazed on the way she does comedy films. Always so bright and gay and acts with no sweat. Keeps bringing the aura that life is one such happy fact.


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