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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Opera Turbo Faster Speed for Low-End Connections

If you use your cellphone as modem or you have a dial-up connection, then you are one of those people who tired up waiting for a site to load completely. The Opera Lab is now perfecting Opera Turbo to ease out that tiresome scenario. Opera Turbo provides a faster browsing experience through your limited-bandwidth connection by compressing network traffic.

This is also a big saver for those who are in per KB charge because it lowers the KB received in their network.

Websites will load in the same text and layout, flash contents are supported but images will be served in lower resolution due to the compression delivered by Turbo. Images are still fine so you can still enjoy some works from flicker, myopera and deviantart.

If you have 100MB speed connection, Turbo will most likely not give you an enhanced Turbo browsing (you are already having a blast, I think it's the maximum connection).

To sum it up: CP Modem or Dial-up + Opera Turbo = Speed Up Browsing at Lower Cost

Opera Turbo is contained in Opera 10, the upcoming version of Opera Desktop browser.

Download Opera Turbo for

The software is still in beta stage but based on my experience, it's effective already. It's giving me at most 2MB traffic saved.

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