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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Browsers in the Time of Slow Connection

As I have mentioned in the previous post, I have experienced the 2G internet signal of Globe Network on which I was able to bear for more than a month. During those slow connection days, I have installed quite a few browsers to compensate the slow loading of pages. To name those few, I had (and still have with my laptop) Avant Browser, Maxthon, Flock and Comodo Dragon in addition to my existing Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers. I have read first a couple of reviews of these browsers before finally convincing myself to install these new ones.

So, which one will I recommend to those who are in the same shoes as mine before? It's definitely the Avant Browser! Why?

1. It can easily load on its start-up.
2. It loads pages faster than the rest of them (but surely I don't know if it's still the same if the extensions and plug-ins were disabled in other browsers). This is the same as the plain Internet Explorer 9 with the add-ons excluded. Actually, it is rendered by IE engine.
3. It also downloads at 8kbps at minimum unless the internet connection was totally shut. It doesn't stop downloading so it gives no worries that your download will stop even it is already in the middle. It knows how to try harder and makes use of the limited speed your network. (Yeah, I have also been there when your download is at most 90% and suddenly it will stop! Every kb download is a precious in slow connections, didn't they know that?!) Download Avant Browser

Of course, you might be asking about the cons. Well, it's sooo plain, the themes are just like changing colors, gray, blue, silver. But you can also add extensions. I had in mine a video downloader which is of great utility especially when downloading flv vids. It cannot load pages properly with shockwave player requirement. Instead, I use Maxthon on those kind of sites.

Now, the Maxthon Browser. It's a browser for those who like the look of Mozilla Firefox, those who changes browser themes frequently, and is in need of built-in useful utilities. They have a great collection of good themes that are soothing to the eyes. Also, it has a function that changes to night mode at an indicated time. I like it that way since I do most of my laptop time at night. You can also change the your browser experience to ultra-fast (like the turbo function in Opera) or to ordinary browser mode. Utilities like Notepad, Calculator, My documents are just a Click away on the tab bar. You can also have a snap shot of the webpage that you are viewing. Like the other browsers, you can also add extensions based on your needs.  Download Maxthon

The Flock browser is also good for slow connection but sometimes it is unsupported and not recognized by some websites especially Gmail. But the good thing on this browser is that you can easily log-in to your social media in its homepage. You can also see the recent feeds from various websites. And it has an easy photo-uploader.  Download Flock

I am keeping Comodo Dragon browser because my Chrome is loaded with add-ons on which I don't want to disable from time to time. Since Comodo is very much the same as Chrome, both Chromium browsers, in looks, in available web apps and extensions, I have it for faster browsing and still have the same Chrome feeling. One thing that this browser boast is it's secured by Comodo Internet Security (remember the Comodo anti-virus?) which makes you to trust on it for your personal accounts. Download Comodo

Some of you might be wondering why the new Opera Browser is not on the list. Well, as to some of you who had followed my posts, I supported and promoted Opera desktop before. The browser has lots of capabilities to mention the Opera Unite, Turbo function, notes, synch with my.opera.com and the built-in torrent downloader. BUT as the Opera started updating from their Opera 10 release, I think the browser performance in terms of speed connection had slowed down. Even now in the decent speed of Globe network, Opera loads pages too slow. So, I don't think Opera suits this post.

So, when you think again of web browsers, keep in mind that the options are not only Firefox or Chrome or even Opera, there's a lot indeed. Just pick what suits your needs and consider your network speed.

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