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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Globe Tattoo Myfi Experience (New Account)

Since I moved to Quezon City, I have a dire need for internet connection because mobile internet is already not enough for my internet connection needs. So, I signed up for Globe Tattoo Superstick Plan 999 (just fill-up their application form, bring two valid IDs, an income statement for the last month, P999 cash and with a bit of patience waiting in line for new accounts in Globe) with Myfi device that promises 7.2 Mbps on which you have to add P150 every month on your bill for the amortization for two years subscription. You can connect up to 5 wifi devices on the Myfi pocket wifi. You can also bring the device in your pocket when you go outdoors.

First, I had experienced problem regarding the internet speed. I only experienced the ancient 2G speed which ranges from 0-5kbps. I thought that since I was already in the city, the speed will be fast enough to download movies and softwares. I have called their Customer Service Representative for more than a month complaining on their service and threatened to pull-out my subscription asap. Instead, they had convinced me that the problem was incurred due to their cellsite maintenance and upgrading to 4G network. They had given me a free first month subscription and a 50% discount on my second month due to their inconvenience. I think the signal strength was also due to my location on which there is a presence of trees that may interfere with it.

At this date, the network had improved momentarily and the 3G signal and WCMDA are now working fine with little interruptions of slow internet during peak hours. I can now download videos and softwares at a speed of up to 900kbps. I know that it is way beyond the 7.2 Mbps promised, but I believe that it's really concerns my location.

You have to tweak the internet setting of the device in the management control panel (url: and log-in with your password and admin as username) to have a stable browsing experience.
1. Select Settings>Mobile Connection>Connection Mode to Manual and Apply.
2. Make the Preferred Network to 3G only and go to Band and select WCMDA. Click Apply.
3. Restart the device and you now have the stable and fast internet on your hands.

I had relied on SMART for long especially on internet connection and this is my first try on Globe network for internet. Surely, they disappointed me at first but they promised to an upgraded internet browsing experience in the next months to come, we just have to wait.

P.S. I would also suggest that you buy a spare battery for your Myfi if you are engage in downloading since it will drain easily. Mine only works for 4-5 hours.

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