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Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Verify Paypal Account Even Without a Credit Card?

This uses Philippine banks, but the process is still the same for other banks. This only applies for ATM cards with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express logo at any part of the card. Note that the card is not necessarily a credit card.

I signed up for Paypal since most of the accounts in ad networks requires one. It's either they mail the check or pay thru Paypal or Payza (I don't know much about Payza though). So, I made a Paypal Account by signing-up here. Don't worry, signing-up is free, just choose Personal Account. Then, for you to make online money transfers, you have to have a Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, or American Express card. Now, these cards are no longer exclusive as credit cards, it can now be a prepaid card or an ordinary ATM debit card. In this case, you can use Banco de Oro (BDO) Mastercard or RCBC MyWallet Visa Card. I haven't tried other banks but I heard that Union Bank is also applicable for Paypal.

Click image to enlarge

I just got my verification code today even though I verified two weeks ago. It's just that procrastination has taken over my priority lists. Here's what to do:
1. Open an RCBC MyWallet Visa Card at any RCBC Branch. I got mine for Php20 during one of their marketing visits in UP Diliman. I read that it usually cost Php120 (Php100 goes to your account as maintaining balance, Php10 for the card purchase and Php10 for the deposit fee). The card will be ready upon paying the fee. Also, remember the e-mail ad that you write in your application form because you will use it in retrieving the verification code from Paypal. RCBC has a ten-peso flat rate on deposit transactions. It is like M.Lhullier or Western Union where you are charged for every padala or deposit you make. Ensure that you have at least PhP100.00 in your RCBC account before proceeding with step 2.
2. Sign-up for Paypal. Once logged-in, look under My Account, Status and click verify. You can now enter your personal information and the details of your account. By the way, you have to have your Visa/Maestro card when you do this. The information that you will need to input are your full name (should be the same in your card), the Visa/Maestro card account number, your card's expiration date, and the three-digit security code found at the back of your card. All instructions are found on the Paypal verification page, you'll surely get your way with it.
3. Email customercontact@rcbc.com and request for your verification code along with the following details:
---Full Name:  
---16-digit Card number:  (the RCBC MyWallet Card Number found at the front)
---Birth date:---Mobile Phone No:  
---Permanent Address:  
---Date of linking card with PayPal:  
---Email Address indicated during account opening:
Your introductory paragraph should sound like this:
Hi! I have signed-up for Paypal and used RCBC MyWallet Visa card to verify my account. I would like to request for the verification code sent by Paypal in my RCBC account.
4. You will  receive an e-mail from an RCBC Customer Representative that contains the verification code. It just takes at most 6 hours for them to reply. And their support is very efficient, you won't be disappointed.
5. Wait for three days and log-in to your Paypal account to input your verification code in your linked card. You should have your verification code at this stage. A Php100.00-charge will be deducted from your RCBC MyWallet account but it will be refunded to you through Paypal after it completed the verification. Once done, your status will show as VERIFIED. Note the red oblongs in the image above.

What's lacking with RCBC is that you cannot view your account online, so the only way for you to verify your balance is by using their ATM machine. Also, I encountered a problem during the stage where I am to retrieve my verification code. Since I got my card not from their bank, I don't know which branch it is included but you can ask the customer support for that. Then, the branch I am a member has not included my e-mail ad in their system so I called them and asked to input it so that their CRS can retrieve my verification code. The hassle is just e-mailing them and calling the branch (if it's far away from you).
But it has proven successful, thanks to the RCBC Customer Support. And remember to fill-up their survey form once you are done with their Customer Support, it helps in improving their network.

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  1. kinda confused about inputting my email adress on their system. kc po nakakuha lang kami ng RCBC myWallet ATM Card sa Super8 SuperMarket. so di k alam yung email. pano po yan?

    ~got my funds stucked up in paypal. i need to withdraw it ASAP

  2. As you may have read from the above post, I also did not become a member through their bank. I got my card from an RCBC agent. So pareho lang tayo, what I did is, I emailed: customercontact@rcbc.com and request mo sila na hanapin kung saan branch ka involved since hindi ka nag-aaply sa mismong bangko nila. Ganun lang po ang ginawa ko, tapos nag-email naman agad sila kung saan branch, tas tinawagan ko yung branch by asking for its number from them. Nainclude naman agad nila ang e-mail ad ko.


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