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Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Have 2GB Internal Storage in Your Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt or Ainol Novo Venus 7?

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. But I assure you that I have tried it many times already and found no problem doing it. This is an easy tutorial and can be done within 5 minutes.
This patch allots additional 1GB internal memory storage in your tablet. This additional space is acquired from the external memory storage. That is, if you have 4GB external storage space and 1GB in internal, after this patch you will have 3GB storage in external and  2GB in internal storage.
Additional memory storage will mean more memory for your apps if you haven't switched your SD card as internal memory. This is so, because in my experience, I wasn't been able to find a tweak to make the SD card as internal memory. If you have the tweak to do this, let me know!

So let's begin!

Requirements:1. Knowledge in flashing ROM in your tablet.
2. The ROM that you will use for flashing in your tablet.
3. Download the CXZ patcher.

Fusion Bolt Venus 7 2GB internal Storage

1. Download/Ready the ROM or firmware that you will flash in your Fusion Bolt or Novo Venus 7. Currently, there are 3 available official firmwares for this tablet, 4.1.1, 4.2.2 and 4.3.
2. Extract the CXZ patcher that you have downloaded (you can extract it in your desktop or in your Documents, anywhere you like). You will now have this blue android icon after extraction:
3. Double click this icon (run as administration if it asked for privilege). A window will pop-up and click "Patch" as shown in the picture:
4. Another window will open then locate the folder of your ROM and find the file with .fw. You can easily find it because the patcher will only show the .fw files.
For instance, you will flash the Stock 4.1.1 ROM, its filename is jellybean_atm7029_7_a_130507.fw
Now, double click that .fw file and wait for the patcher to say "Patching done".

5. Your ROM is now partitioned with 2GB internal storage and it's ready for flashing in your Ainol Novo 7 or Fusion Bolt.
If you don't know how to flash or update your ROM, please refer here.

Note that this procedure will need a fresh flash of ROM in your Fusion Bolt so, the data and files in your device will be wiped out after flashing.

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  1. hi po ask ko lng.pwede po ito sa cherry mobile fusion fire?hope matulungan nyo ako.tianpo.

    1. Hindi po pwede e, pang Fubo lang po.


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