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Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Unlock Huawei E586E and E5220 MobileWifi?

I have a Huawei E586E under postpaid subscription from Globe Telecom for 999PhP/month. Since that plan subscription had already ended this month and I now prefer to use Smart Communication as it provides way faster internet connection in my new area, I do not intend to buy a new Smart Modem Stick and thus, I want to reuse my Tattoo Pocket Wifi from my expired subscription. The device is locked for Globe use only and so, I have to unlock it. I found a FREE way to that. Thanks to Huawei Code Calculator, I was able to use a SmartBro Sim in my Tattoo MobileWifi for internet use! The process needs to generate an unlock code so it will need an internet connection first and a Google+ account.

Your Huawei E586E or E5220 MobileWifi
SmartBro SIM (or SunCell SIM)
Copy the IMEI and Model No. of your MobileWifi (they are found at the back of your device after removing the battery)
Huawei E586E Globe Tattoo Mobilewifi
Huawei E586E MobileWifi Device
1. Generate the Unlock Code (New Algo) from HERE. The instructions on using the page is found HERE. The guide is very comprehensive and easy to follow as pictures are provided in it. Remember to copy the NEW Algo digits in the result.
2. Now that you have the Unlock Code (New Algo), turn off your MobileWifi and insert the SmartBro or SunCellular SIM. Turn it ON and an INVALID SIM notice will be displayed in interface.
3. Connect your device to your PC/Laptop via the USB port.
4. Open your internet browser and go to
5. It's either your MobileWifi will immediately ask for the 8-digit unlock code (new algo) or you will land to your device's dashboard. If the latter, you will need to log-in to your MobileWifi Dashboard and then enter the 8-digit unlock code. See image below:
Huawei Unlock code interface MobileWifi Device
 6. And voila, your device is now unlocked!
7. You will need to manually configure the APN Setting of your new network before you can start browsing. This can be done in your device dashboard, go to Settings} Profile Management} Select New Profile and enter the following details:
Smart Network:
Profile Name - anything you want
APN - Select Static and type internet in the field
Then Click Save.
Select Mobile Connection and select the profile name you have created above in the dropdown menu. Click Apply.
8. Start surfing the internet with your new network! Your network data charges will apply.

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  1. Replies
    1. para nga po eto sa pocket wifi. Try nyo.

    2. Yes pwede po. e53330bs-2 rin sakin unlock na sya this day lang :)

      Thanks sa nag share, lahat kase ng nakita ko may bayad ee.

      Kaway sa kagaya kong kuripot hehe :)

  2. same po ba ang e5220s-2 para sa instructions niyo po? mail me on nevinpacada@gmail.com . working po ito? pwede po magpakita ka ng pics or vid? thanks

  3. unlocked na po ung hawei e5220 ko at working na ng ginamitan ko ng smart sim without configuring the APN settings pero after a few days disconnected po ung WAN ko sinubukan ko na rin ibahin ung APN settings pero ganun pa rin pa help po pls. sayang naman subscription ko.

    1. Have you tried changing SIM? Kung gumana po, blocked lang po yung SIM nyo..

  4. thank you working and tested from sun > to globe > to smart no problems

  5. sir bat my lumalabas na error 504 gateway timeout sir

  6. Hi po, paano sa smartbro zte model: mf100?

    1. yan po ba yung may sandbox? Wala rin po akong fix jan e. May mf100 din ako dito, hindi ko maopenline.

  7. Is E586Es and E586 the same? Bakit walng lumalabas n code pag nagcalculate ako? Help naman please....

    1. Pareho lang po ata sila. Try nyo na lang kung alin ang merong code.

  8. Sir pwede po ba gawing wifi extender ang huawei e5220?

  9. thank you so much mga master! happy kid here :)

  10. Hello po! Paturo nmn po paunlock Huwei E303 modem po! pls pls email me at gley57@gmail.com Thank u!

    1. hi! meron po jan sa link. pakisearch na lang.

  11. sir pwedi po ba ito ma unlock sa smartbro zte pocket wifi?

  12. Di n po ata working ung links?

    1. The links are working fine from my part. Please check that you can access adf.ly links. If not, you can use zenmate add-on in your chrome browser:

  13. pwede ba maunlock sun wifi zte mf65m

  14. master pano po e unlock ung smart bro 4g zte pocket wifi

  15. gumagana po ba ito aa smart bro pocket wifi model:MF65M?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Wow thanks i have unlocked my e586e with this instruction.. Nice , your the man....

  18. Sir pwede po yan sa huawei summit


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