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Monday, April 27, 2015

Collection of FREE Civil Service Exam Reviewers (Prof and Subprof)

Taking the Civil Service Exam (CSE) is not as easy as taking a leak. You cannot sit down with it without preparation and only those lucky enough to be "matalino" can pass this without reviewers. It is similar to taking a Board Exam; you need to review and be familiar with the kind of questions it contain. It was in 2008 that I took my CS Professional Exam (Computer Assisted Test) and I was grateful that I passed during the first take and landed the top rank. I also use a reviewer like the CS Exam Reviewer that can be bought from the National Bookstore and some knowledge I got from tutoring high school and college students. Even those college entrance test reviewers are very helpful especially in the Verbal and Math portion of the exam. Now, reviewers are readily available for access and for download from the internet so you need not worry about your budget for books. Your part now will be learning the trade of the CS Exam, be it for the professional one or the subprofessional.

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Note: The following downloads are not leaked exams but rather a compilation of the possible type of questions that may appear in the exam. The goal of these reviewers is to familiarize you with the contents of the exam. Questions may be different from the actual exam but the concepts will be very similar to the ones found in these reviewers.

Downloadable FREE Reviewers
1. Download CSE Reviewer for Professional and Subprofessional taken from Bennixville.net

2. Download CSE Reviewer App for Android - you can use this especially when you are on mobile. While waiting in line or sitting on a bus or a train, just run the app and browse the reviewer in your Android phone.

3. Download CSE Reviewer torrent - This is a compilation of CSE preparation tools. It contains the Oxford Thesaurus, Environmental and Law Concepts, SONA copies, Labor Codes, Government ethics, Mathematical techniques especially in Algebra, and many other.

Some Websites That Offer Free Access to CSE Reviewers:
a. CSE Online Reviewer
b. PH Civil Service Exam Reviewer
c. Civil Service Exam Express

I will update this from time to time if any material or site comes my way. So, for now, God Bless on your review. Take it in one punch!

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