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Thursday, December 3, 2015

FREE Internet For Talk N Text Users

This is a simple FREE Internet tutorial using Talk'N Text SIM. I have tried this and it works but don't expect a fast internet connection. It uses Ultrasurf software which you can also use to bug your SIM if you are subscribed to SURFMAX or any internet promo.

TNT SIM with at least one peso load
Modem/pocket wifi/broadband stick
Ultrasurf app - Download Here

1, Register your Talk 'N Text SIM to FREE WIKI to 5555 and wait for confirmation.
2. Plug your SIM to your modem/pocketwifi/broadband stick and connect to the internet.
3. Run as administrator the downloaded Ultrasurf software (Download Usurf). Wait for it to successfully connect to a server.
4. Once connected, Ultrasurf interface will look like the pic below and the Internet Explorer browser will open automatically.
Successfully connected to internet server
5. To start browsing and downloading, configure your browser and IDM settings as below:
Internet browser settings:
HTTP Proxy: port: 9666
SOCKS Host: port: 9666

IDM settings:
(Check) Use proxy: port 8080
Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with:
6. Done, enjoy your free internet using your TNT SIM.

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  1. is this still working as of dec 10?

  2. wala po b kau ung para sa coc na free connection tnt user po ako .thanks po

  3. talk and text using psiphon handler with setting pang coc tol, requirement lang neto eh dapat malakas tlga ung signal pra stable ung connection.

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    thank you. enjoy hacking!!


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  7. Wala nang free wiki sir. Working paba? Any updates? Thanks


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