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Friday, December 12, 2008

Free Mobile Browsing from Globe and Smart

Globe mobile browsing using opera mini is now gone. I enjoyed it until the end. But still, I made a research on how to make it work for free. Others had also experienced the loss. I downloaded opera mini 4.2 from the net and installed it on my phone but it cannot complete the installation due to no network connection (the bar is full and 3G is showing) and maybe I don't have load that time.

Based from what I read from the forums, the freebie is existing long ago and I was a bit late of discovering it. Then, I remember that I also own a Smart sim and I look it up on the web on how to make it work for free. Yippee! There’s still hope! I spent 10 pesos for Opera Mini 4.2 to fully install in my N70. There is no tweak to make it install for free.

Update: Working Modded Mobile Applications as of April 6 2009

Now, let me show you how to make the application browse, stream videos and download files with only P1 in your account. This uses the original OM 4.2. Additionally, have a P15-balance during the install.

As for Globe users, CLICK HERE.
The post will show you how to use Opera Mini 4.2 and 2.06 modded versions. All the links are there as well as the proxies. But the technique is only limited to browsing.

First, download the application. Click the icon below.
Super fast and free!

You may also like to check this out if you want a modded one. Tutorial on using Modded versions for both Smart and Globe

Make sure that you have the GPRS setting for your cellphone. You can request it by typing SET urFone and send to 211. Next thing you’ll do is create a new access point using. For N70 users, Tools>Settings>Connection>Access Points>Options>New Access Point>Use Existing Settings>Choose SmartInternet. Rename it to Smart OM. For other phones, you can figure this out by going to the network/connection/web settings. Basically, the settings are just the same. The important thing is to enter correctly the following values on their appropriate fields:
APN: internet (for 3G phones. Otherwise, enter smart1)
Port: 8088
Ok and Exit.

Alternate proxies in case that won’t work,
Port: 8081

Install OM 4.2 on your fone using PC Suite or by accessing your file manager MMC. You should have downloaded the .jar format. Run Opera Mini on your phone to complete the installation. Choose Smart OM when asked which profile to use during network connection. Agree to the TOS found at the bottom of it’s start page and your OM is now ready.

Enter the url of your desired website say multiply, friendster, myspace, youtube, facebook, ANYTHING.

To let the application save files on your MMC and make downloads, Go to Tools>Application Manager>Opera Mini 4.2 Options>Suite Settings>Edit User Data>Choose Ask Everytime. Do this when you are not running OM. Some phones require the prov files to make downloads but I can’t provide that.

To download files for free, everytime you download, edit first the url of your file by adding wap.smart.ph@. Say, your file’s url is http://www.airmp3.com. It will be like this, http://wap.smart.com.ph@www.airmp3.com. This what they call the @trick. To do this, when you are at the download page on which the browser let’s you choose between Open and Save, Press Menu>Enter Address>Insert Symbols. Note: Not all files are downloadable, only the direct downloads. Java Enabled downloads are not possible.

Next thing you want for your cellphone is to stream videos online. The process uses the default Smart settings (SmartInternet or Smart GPRS) but the service is free.

To watch videos:
2.Open opera mini and go to youtube and search your video.
3.Click Watch Video.
4.Press yes when prompted.
5.Wait for it to load and you cracked it! Its pretty fast during morning.
Make sure you have 3G Signal to ensure quality and uninterrupted videos. When the signal is low, your video will continue to buffer and will result to pixelated images.

All proxies are credited to Den of esato forum. I learned so much from your site.

You can also check this out:
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  1. dude... the tutorial you made isnt working

  2. ^wat's your network? I still haven't checked if this is still working. I am using the globe modded one. You can find a post in here for the settings.

  3. hi! is this still working? i'm using a samsung phone and have no idea how this works

  4. nag pa load ako ng 30 smart user po ako. ayaw pa rin gumana ng 3g kahit home network ng smart ayaw.

  5. btw N70 po gamit ku. yung om 4.2 thormentor po gamit ko

  6. @simang hindi na working un settings. Pls click the update modded apps as of april 6. Working un apps dun.

  7. @anonymous txt SET N70 to 211. Then save the gprs settings. Run ur OM and use the default SmartInternet. O kya download mo un multi-op, anjan din yun sa Update modded apps as of april 6, click na lang pls. Inaninstall ko na un ky thormentor e. Multi-op working sa smart ko.

  8. ..babala lng..wag nu po post proxy sites sa uzap,

  9. bakit nawawala ng kusa pag iniinstall ko?

  10. please help me. . i have a globe and smart sim. . im using n80 for smart and d900 for globe but i cant use opera mini. . .i dont know whats the problem about settings. .i follow ure instruction but still i cant use it. . please tell me the the proper setting for n80 thnx a lot. . .


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