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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to Read Ebooks on Java Platform Phones (s40 and s60)

If you have a java-enabled phone (i.e.N70, N73, N95, Nokia C3-01, etc). and you have new ebooks like Hunger Games and Perks of Being a Wallflower in epub or .txt format and you don't know how your mobile phone is going to read them, then just use Albite Reader.

I have gotten this ebook reader when wattpad.com started limiting their collection of ebooks and the popular stuff are no longer reachable. I was a member of mobile9.com where I usually download cellphone themes and ringtones. Then I noticed that they also have collections of ebooks but mostly in epub format. You can try their collection here, just select your phone model. I only knew then that my Nokia C3-01 can only read .jar ebooks. But as I read through the comments of some ebooks, I only need to download this so called Albite Reader. And voila, I am grabbing every interesting ebook in the site! Albite.org now have the new Albite Reader HD 2.2. It can also read .txt and (x)html format but I usually prefer .txt files in UTF-8 format. And it's absolutely FREE!

It has a night mode, page bookmark, copy-paste feature and text font sizes are also interchangeable.

If your phone has very low heap memory, like Nokia 6230, download Albite Reader 2.2 Tiny.
If your phone is the likes of Nokia 3720 Classic, download Albite Reader 2.2 Lite.
If you have Nokia X5-01, E5-00, N95 or the likes, download Albite Reader 2.2 No Touch.
If you have Nokia C3-01 or any touchscreen phones, download Albite Reader 2.2.
Other versions can be downloaded here.

Once you have installed the reader in your phone (use your cable connector or Bluetooth to do this),
1. Save the ebook that you want to read in one of the folders in your phone gallery.
2. Open Albite Reader
3. Allow application to edit and read data by pressing yes.
4. Select Menu, Open book, and choose your ebook from the file directory.
And you're good. You can also personalize the font colors, screen mode, encoding, just explore the insides of the menu, nothing bad will happen to your app.

In case, you want to use other methods of reading epub files, you can refer to How to Read epub Files?
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