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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

FREE Internet Access for Smart/TNT/SmartBro Users

Things had been slow with Globe FREE internet these past few days and sometimes you can't even use it due to no browse. So, let's try the other networks (Smart/TNT/SmartBro) and hope it works for you. You can use the app to access the internet for FREE using Smart, TNT and SmartBro SIMs. The app works with Smart LTE and SmartBro for Luzon users but they can try using TNT SIMs also for the sake of testing it, maybe it will surprisingly work. Users from Visayas and Mindanao are the lucky ones, it works with any of the three types of SIM. You can download, upload, stream videos and use the social networks using this app. The app is given to us for FREE as well as the internet access, so thanks to the developers of VPN4ALL for providing us this app.

New! Piso per Day Unlimited Internet Access for TNT and Smart Users

--Smart LTE and SmartBro SIM with less than PhP5.00 load - for Luzon users
--Smart/TNT/SmartBro SIM with less than PhP5.00 load - for Visayas and Mindanao users
--Broadband stick or modem preferably openlined for other networks if it is Globe Tattoo or SunBRO
Tap Adapter - Download adapter here
VPN4ALL app - Download VPN4ALL
Password for VPN4ALL - View Password here

1. Insert the allowed SIM in your USB broadband stick or modem.
2. Run your broadband stick or modem and connect it to the internet.
3. Extract the Tap Adapter.zip that you have downloaded above (Tap Adapter) to a folder in your computer. Install it by running the Adapters Install.exe and wait for it to complete the process.
4. Extract the VPN4ALL.zip that you have downloaded above (VPN4ALL) to a folder in your computer. Run the VPN_4_ALL.exe and wait it to connect to the internet.
5. Once connected, you can now browse, download, upload and stream for FREE. Enjoy!

Below is the screenshot:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Running VPN4ALL. Click to enlarge. Photo credits to AbdyAbda

Note: if this does not work with you, you can try this tutorial FREE Internet Without Load (Torrent Capable)

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