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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Globe Unlimited Wap Browsing for Free

Can you keep a secret?

I don't know if this is a feature of their wap. But it is a known fact that browsing thru myGlobe is free. When you use OneSearch or go to external website, you will be informed that leaving the globe portal will charge you either per kb or per 15 mins. I clicked the 'proceed' link in the screen which contains such reminder (take note i don't have a cent in my prepaid acct) and whala i was able to browse wikipedia for free. Wikipedia is such helpful tool for me since i want to read reviews before i watch or read something and when I get to see a goodlooking actor in movie that I haven't known before. I read biographies of famous people. Through myGlobe I am also able to make searches in yahoo answers as well as chat with my buddies online and check my emails. This is the sole use of my phone before. But when I dropped by to the 'mobile social networks' category in the myglobe portal, I was able to log-in to multiply, friendster and facebook. I now rarely use my phone modem to connect to the internet. If I only have to check mails and comments, I just use my phone.

Then, I came to know Opera Mini. OM is truly a treasure. Not only that I am able to update my blogger acct (I am using my fone ryt now), I am also able to browse in a view as if I am using my laptop! Now, I can go to vast number of websites unlike when I am just using the installed browser in my phone which limits me to wiki and yahoo answers only. I can also download free java games but I can't get rid of their ads update (it is ok as long as I don't have to pay each time I use the wap for that update). You can even watch youtube videos! All of these with nothing in my balance! Try it!

Click Here to Browse the Net for Free with Globe WAP. This tutorial will help you how to set-up OM to browse for free. Download the applications, follow the steps and you are good. Afterwards, you can now call yourself an amateur hacker! Haha.

The downsides: when using your fone native browser, it is really slow. You have to schedule your browsing time either late in the evening around 11 or early in the morning to have experience faster speed. Sometimes it is unresponsive and needs a reload.

Opera Mini connects and downloads at a decent rate. But there are also times of unresponsiveness and hangs. But Opera Mini has a 4 out of 5 rating for me. Your phone's installed browser can't beat its speed and the quality of the images.

Ssshh.. If they discover this, the freebies will be gone. Wink

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  1. bro Euan, di ka kaya kasuhan ng mga networks pag nabasa toh? curious lang kung may kaya ba silang gawin, hEHe..
    thanks sa info, sana di nila mabasa..

  2. I don't know. There's lot of Philippine forums who are sharing this information already. Hindi ko nga alam kung illegal maituturing ang pagbypass ng mga sites e. The process only uses proxies.


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