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Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Have FREE Unlimited Internet Even Without Load (Globe/TM Users)? New!

As I was looking for another way of bypassing the internet for Globe's FUP throttling to 2G, I came upon this tool which does not only bypass the throttling but instead gives a FREE internet with unlimited bandwidth. The tool is very easy to use, a plug-run-connected type. I am using this tool with an openline SmartBRO MF627 using a dual-cut Globe prepaid SIM (I bought at PhP25 from those resellers on the street of Divisoria). This app will let you browse, stream and download files even without load!

Update (September 17, 2015): New Working Tutorial on FREE Internet Even Without Load (Torrent Capable)

You will need:
Globe/TM Prepaid SIM Card better if with zero load
Modem - broadband stick or pocket/mobile wifi, any modem will do as long as the SIM will work
Bombards Tool - Download || Mirror
Password to Run.txt - Download || Mirror

Bomabards, SmartBRO, Globe, TM, zero load, FREE internet, no throttling, no capping, unli
Bombards 3.3. Click to enlarge
1. Connect your broadband stick, pocket wifi or modem to the internet and to your computer/laptop. Wait until it successfully connects.
2. Unzip the Bombards Tool that you have downloaded above in your C:/ drive.
3. Send the Bombards v3.3.exe icon to your desktop then from there, run it with administrator privileges.
4. The first screen will ask for the Password. The password can be downloaded above (or this Password to Run.txt).
5. Then, you can now choose to connect using any of the 9 servers. I usually prefer Option 1,2,3 and 4. It always work for me. Wait for it to say "Connected to ______".
6. Open your browser (better if Google Chrome or Firefox), let Bombards do the work and start browsing, streaming and downloading for FREE and yes, it's unlimited. Enjoy!
7. Once you are done using the tool, you have to stop and exit the app properly or they may end up continuously running in the background. The app have these options to "Stop Bombards" and "Exit Bombards", just select these two whenever you want to stop the app. See picture above for the setup.

FREE internet, bombards, IDM speed, download
Click to enlarge
Note: You can see from the pictures above that I only have an HSDPA signal (because of my modem, it's already at its maximum settings) and my download speed is at 100-300kbps but it depends on the hour of the day. Sometimes, it cannot connect during night time (8-11PM) and it's way too slow during these hours in my area. It's fast during the daytime anyway. I haven't tried it with an LTE modem, so I think it will have a bolting speed if used with an LTE modem.

If you don't have Internet Download Manager (IDM), you can download here. This tool will make your downloading faster and with resume capability.

Known Issues:

1. If downloading in IDM is stuck at 99.99%, just stop the the download. Then resume it and it will give you a download error. Just Cancel the notification, then resume again. It will now complete its download.
2. I cannot download completely from Mediafire, maybe you can check if it is also the same for you.

I mentioned in this post that I have a pocket wifi under the Globe postpaid contract, I haven't used Bombard with it because I better not put my existing account at stake in exchange for a FREE internet. It's FREE internet already so, use a prepaid SIM.

If you want a simpler version or this tutorial doesn't work for you, please go to FREE Internet for Globe and TM Even Without Load (Also Working for Smart/Sun/TNT). FREE internet is just a double-click setup.

This new tutorial is a much simpler setup of this post regarding FREE Internet Even Without Load.

Credits to Sniperbomb for creating this tool and giving us the benefits of FREE use.

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  1. if i try to connect have a error message. any idea?

    Windows cannot Find 'proxifier\proxifier.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again

    1. Windows 8 ba gamit nyo o kay 64-bit ba yan? Make sure that you send the compressed files to Folder C:/

  2. problema ko parati lng magstop at mag refresh download link ng IDM downloads.... ano ba ginagawa mo para 2loy-2loy downloading mo Euan?

    1. Make sure po na resumable yung dinadownload nyo. Ang usual po na cause na pag nastop yung download e mahina ang net at saka yung 99.99% completion issue na namention ko sa taas, yun lang ang naeencounter ko po na prob. Baka po mas efficient sa case nyo etong tool na ginamit dito:

    2. resumable sya kaso nagstostop tlga ang DL nya... di naman napuputol net pero ung DL lng tlga nagstop

    3. Ah, hindi naman po ba nagsusuicide to 0 bps? Minsan po kasi gumaganyan kaya napuputol yung download.

    4. hmmm di naman.. parang nag stuck lng ang downlod ko... mabilis nga sya pero napuputol kasi stuck sya... example 100+ mga ilang mins sya di gagalaw kaya end task ko idm then on ulit... yan routine ko don..

    5. try to scan ccleaner re install IDM or other version, yan lang ginawa ko sa pc ko

  3. boss? working pa ba to? d na kasi ako makaconnect eh

  4. di narin ako makaconnect ngayon... baka may update na...

  5. di na rin po ako makaconnect... esp yung IDM ko..

  6. Working pa bayan 2016

  7. working p po b i2 mga bossing?

  8. naka connect ako sa bombard pati sa modem pero wala akong ma recieve na data gamit ko smart dongle pero ndi openline ano ba gawin ko?

  9. So working pa ba to??? kasi non minsan ko to gamitan.. di naman nag work eh..


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